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he Rubber Whores...
My name is  Natalia!

This is NOT a paysite, NOT an online shop. I do not sell photos , videos or outfits.
All content on this website is free of charge and free for minors.

 This is my website for  rubber fetish sessions, unique on a global level.

I am your Rubber Girlfriend and your Rubber Dream Woman, Rubber Doctress and Rubber Urologist,
Rubber Governess and Rubber Trainer, Rubber Nun and Rubber Exhibitionist,
Rubber Domina and Rubber Disciplinarian.

I am your Rubber Goddess.

You can meet me and my rubber sluts. Not only virtually but personally, live, rubber-close.
You can smell us, feel us, taste us, touch us. 
We are your rubberized ecstasy.
Our rubberized bodies are driving you crazy. We make unique sex with you.

Rubber is our passion. 
We are rubber-perverse, we are bisexual, we are bizarre, we are extreme,
but we are also very lovingly.  We love it so much to be like this.

The Ultimate In Rubber Fetish. 
In locations throughout whole Germany as well as in some European cities

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My bizarre Rubber Service is different.

Also, it is differently organized than usually:

In order to offer my guests the widest possible variety of venues,
I do NOT run an own "studio",
and I also do not sit on a weekly basis in this or that studio.

Rather, my rubber appointments are held in premises
each of which is specifically rented for your appointment only.

Therefore, for my rubber treatments of the various kinds
very different locations are available
in whole (!) Germany
as well as in some other European countries.
You have the choice!

All locations here!


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Your very personal Rubber Date with me

and - if desired - also together with one or two
of my rubber sluts

will be freely agreed between us, depending on
your  appointment possibilities and my appointment book,

according to your wishes and ideas.

With a bit of luck, very short deadlines are sometimes
 but better is a timely appointment scheduling.
Also a long-term appointment is possible.

See also   Contact & Booking

as well as   Rubber Therapies


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  Safe Sex is practiced ONLY !

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What's new?!

My free  e-mail  NEWSletter  informs you monthly new
always on the 1st of every month!

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See also the declaration of data protection on my website.

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Session Tours in the coming months

 and the dates still available on these tours for rubber sessions :


Thu 04th and Fri 05th April 2019  at the "Villa of the Domina"
Status March 1st: There is still ONE date available!


Tue 28th May 2019 at the "BDSM Hotel"
Status March 1st: There is still ONE date available!


Thu 06th and Fri 07th June 2019  at the "Luxury Fetisch Penthouse"
Status March 1st: There are still TWO dates available!

Of course again together with one of my rubber sluts.


>  Does none of these dates or places fit? Make your own individual rubber date
in consultation with me on a day and at a place of your choice!  <

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The climate change...

...also has advantages!

Going out fully rubberized in the winter months is hardly possible.
At low temperatures rubber doesn't warm at all, and that's really a sh...cold experience, that's no fun.

But it's actually getting warmer earlier from year to year now,
and I'm guessing that this year

the Outdoor Season  

probably will start as early as April.

Secure your appointment in time for your unique, unforgettable, exhibitionistic experience
with us rubber women in public in Hamburg,
crowned by a following rubber session with us at the bizarre fetish location BDSM Hotel!

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The Topic of the Month

March 2019

> A BIG contribution with many photos - this time over 2 months! <


Part 2

(Part 1 was in February 2019 :
Simple masks, dildo masks, neck corsets, ball gags,
special gags - mouth spreaders, bridles and headgear, blow-up gags and other nasty gags...,
blow-up masks, breath reduction masks (the topic breath reduction we had in the last month!),
and other very special masks (with blow-up rubber lips, with corrugated rubber hose, with respiration mask,
with mouth opening only, cage masks, with perforations only, and much more -
I can really only show a few examples here)

Here now part 2
white clinical masks, yellow-transparent urine-look masks, nun masks, 
female face masks, rubber doll masks, 
and multi-layer - several masks on top of each other

So in these articles I do NOT talk about gas masks or heavy latex masks similar to gas masks 
- that belongs more to the department "Heavy Rubber" -
but about various masks made of thinner rubber.

2019.03 077 3125d 016 





















 Of course, the "clinical" rubber fetish also includes masks, both for the rubber patients,
as well as for the Mrs. Rubber Doctress and the Rubber Nurses.

2019.03 078 3125d 0462019.03 079 3125d 049



No matter how intimate the treatments become -
the strict professional distance between the clinical staff and the patient object must be maintained!

2019.03 080 3245d 280


And what would be better suited for this than bizarre clinical rubber masks    

2019.03 081 3245d 2472019.03 082 3161d 822019.03 083 3390d 03

Even the treatment by a completely white rubberized clinical sex robot is possible - on the beautiful but completely expressionless face
of this "Robot Nurse" no motion is to be seen! And maybe, who knows, this is really no longer a woman, but a rubber machine,
which only follows her program!

2019.03 084 3390d 09

Masks made of transparent rubber have a very special charm, as do outfits made of this material.
It covers and rubberizes everything, and yet it also shows all.

2019.03 085 3381d 36

Rubberized and yet naked, a rubber-covered face on which everything can be seen!

2019.03 086 3381d 432019.03 087 3381d 57

Not everyone stands on this urinated-transparent rubber, but for those who love it, the rubber woman is not allowed to wear anything else!

2019.03 088 3381d 732019.03 089 3381d 842019.03 090 3368d 27














Rubber nuns also wear ritual rubber masks, which of course always belong to the rubber ornate of a rubber convent woman.

2019.03 091 3015d 14

Whether traditional white/black, or in urine-yellowish transparent rubber,

2019.03 092 3119d 0672019.03 093 3119d 0722019.03 094 3119d 045

that also depends to a large extent on their function. Slutty Convent Sister, monastery-clinical Nun, Urine Slut,

2019.03 095 3015d 092019.03 096 3270d 1392019.03 097 10028d 32

or the strict Frau Abbess together with her monastic pupil...

 2019.03 098 10028d 03

Also masks with sometimes deceptively similar women's faces - mostly exaggerated erotic, almost slutty make-up, which intensifies the effect even more -
are extremely popular with many rubber fetishists.

2019.03 099 3389d 16

Both for rubber women,
who, through such a mask alone, acquire a completely different personality.
(guess who is in these four photos with the big hat under the mask? Me of course, Natalia!),

2019.03 100 3389d 01 032019.03 101 3389d 072019.03 102 3389d 08

as well as of course especially for rubber dolls, for she-males, for transvestites.

2019.03 103 3129d 03

Female masks for rubber dolls are available in various versions, from rather simple to really well made faces.

2019.03 104 3129d 132019.03 105 3247d 29



As an alternative to face masks, rubber dolls often love to wear a mask under which eyes and mouth can still be seen -

2019.03 106 3360d 522019.03 107 3140d 0442019.03 108 3364d 081

but then, of course, with an appropriate good and elaborate make-up.
That often looks very good, and if the rest of the (rubber) body also looks fully female,

2019.03 109 3317d 127

one must often really think about:
is it really a man, or maybe a woman under the mask??!

2019.03 110 3317d 0982019.03 111 3360d 17

Then sometimes you really can't tell who is the man and who is the woman?

2019.03 112 3317d 1162019.03 113 3355d 0392019.03 114 3360d 09

Or are there two women, of whom only one is made up as a rubber doll?

2019.03 115 3317d 0642019.03 116 3264d 1802019.03 117 3355d 081

Because that too is a fetish that some people love: women who are turned into a rubber doll with a rubber mask, rubber tits and rubber pussy,
so they look like a man turned into a rubber doll...

2019.03 118 3140d 0762019.03 119 3355d 138

Sometimes I even have guests who want to have sex with such a rubber creature and who don't want to know at all,
whether there's a man or a woman under the full female rubberization...

2019.03 120 3355d 1182019.03 121 3355d 1012019.03 122 3062d 17

And there are also women who can fall in love with a man who is a female rubber doll.

2019.03 123 3062d 20

Now we come to a very special subject: multi layers - multi-layer rubberizations.
Many lovers of heavy rubber like to be rubberized in several layers.
And of course this must also apply to the masks!

2019.03 124 3394d 1072019.03 125 3394d 1102019.03 126 3394d 010

I've got some photos here of a woman wearing three rubber masks on top of each other.
(yes, it's me again!).

2019.03 127 3394d 016


















On top I wear a beautiful, strict, bizarre domina mask with heavy make-up,
and no one suspects that this is only the top of my four faces - three rubber faces and underneath my genuine one.

2019.03 128 3394d 0142019.03 129 3394d 024

Now I undress my rubber head, and - ooops! - a completely different mask appears underneath it.

2019.03 130 3394d 0292019.03 131 3394d 032

Because under it I wear a mask which has a complete anatomical rubberization in the mouth/palate/throat area and for the nose, even for the tongue!

2019.03 132 3394d 0372019.03 133 3394d 042

It is unbelievably kinky that inside everything is fully rubberized!
(okay, this rubber part can also serve as a very effective gag at the same time, but that's not important to me now).

2019.03 134 3394d 050

I also unlace this mask now, pull it slowly from my head as well,

2019.03 135 3394d 0542019.03 136 3394d 061

and now it becomes visible what big molded rubber part was under the upper beautiful dominant mistress mask in my entire mouth and nose area!

2019.03 137 3394d 0662019.03 138 3394d 071

This part consists on the one hand of halfway soft rubber, but on the other hand it is shaped in such a way
that it completely fills the entire mouth area and nostrils.

2019.03 139 3394d 0642019.03 140 3394d 0722019.03 141 3394d 0752019.03 142 3394d 077

I'm sure it's just for real heavy rubber fetishists - but there's no doubt I'm one of them...

2019.03 143 3394d 0742019.03 144 3394d 085

Well, and underneath I wear a normal rubber mask with openings for eyes, nose and mouth.

2019.03 145 3394d 103

Would you also like to try it out, to be strictly enclosed in several rubber masks by intransigent rubber women whose heads are already rubberized in multi layers,
and who understand your fetish only too well by their own inclinations?



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" MEET & GREET "  at the VENUS 2019

This year I will be at the world's biggest erotic fair, the

VENUS in Berlin

with an own booth.

Natalia VENUS 2019 in Berlin

On all fair days I am present together with some of my kinky rubber sluts.
And, of course, we're all fully rubberized!

" Meet & Greet " - for everyone who has always wanted to get to know us,
but unfortunately have never had the opportunity to do so.

" Meet & Greet " - that stands for meeting and chatting, for information and for selfies with us,
for many live pictures from my sessions on monitors, and maybe also for a glass of champagne with me.

There will be no rubber sessions on these days in Berlin, there will be neither time nor opportunity for them.
Sessions in October 2019 are possible (in Berlin or anywhere else in Germany!)
up to Oct. 11th and then again starting from Oct. 23rd.

See you at the VENUS 2019 in Berlin -

from Thu 17th - Sun 20th October 2019 !

       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              www.venus.de