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he Rubber Whores...
My name is  Natalia!

This is NOT a paysite, NOT an online shop. I do not sell photos , videos or outfits.
All content on this website is free of charge and free for minors.

 This is my website for  rubber fetish sessions, unique on a global level.

I am your Rubber Girlfriend and your Rubber Dream Woman, Rubber Doctress and Rubber Urologist,
Rubber Governess and Rubber Trainer, Rubber Nun and Rubber Exhibitionist,
Rubber Domina and Rubber Disciplinarian.

I am your Rubber Goddess.

You can meet me and my rubber sluts. Not only virtually but personally, live, rubber-close.
You can smell us, feel us, taste us, touch us. 
We are your rubberized ecstasy.
Our rubberized bodies are driving you crazy. We make unique sex with you.

Rubber is our passion. 
We are rubber-perverse, we are bisexual, we are bizarre, we are extreme,
but we are also very lovingly.  We love it so much to be like this.

The Ultimate In Rubber Fetish. 
In locations throughout whole Germany as well as in some European cities

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My bizarre Rubber Service is different.

Also, it is differently organized than usually:

In order to offer my guests the widest possible variety of venues,
I do NOT run an own "studio",
and I also do not sit on a weekly basis in this or that studio.

Rather, my rubber appointments are held in premises
each of which is specifically rented for your appointment only.

Therefore, for my rubber treatments of the various kinds
very different locations are available
in whole (!) Germany
as well as in some other European countries.
You have the choice!

All locations here!


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Your very personal Rubber Date with me

and - if desired - also together with one or two
of my rubber sluts

will be freely agreed between us, depending on
your  appointment possibilities and my appointment book,

according to your wishes and ideas.

With a bit of luck, very short deadlines are sometimes
 but better is a timely appointment scheduling.
Also a long-term appointment is possible.

See also   Contact & Booking

as well as   Rubber Therapies


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  Safe Sex is practiced ONLY !

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More bizarre fetish locations

Last month I had already informed you
that I have a new bizarre rental location in

In addition there are now two more rental locations 

in the  FRANKFURT a.M.  area

and in


No photos yet, but all locations are well and comprehensively equipped!

On the left my current map of all available locations
in Germany (red dots) for your ultimate rubber treatment 

A list of all locations is HERE

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2019.01 AN52 2887d 24New Session Tours

By request of many, after a longer period of time I have again scheduled
session trips.

Some days are already completely taken,
but THESE days are still available at the moment:

Wed 13th and Thu 14th March 2019
at a large, fully equipped bizarre location

Wed 24th and Thu 25th April 2019
at the "Villa of the Domina"

Fri May 31st 2019
at the "Oriental BDSM Suite"
Combine a rubber session with me on Friday
with a visit of the "German Fetish Ball" on Saturday - I will also be there !

Thu 06th and Fri 07th June 2019
at the "Luxury Fetish Penthouse"

Of course again together with one of my rubber sluts.

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The Topic of the Month

January 2019

> At the beginning of the year this time a BIG contribution "Topic of the Month", with over 50 photos! <


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Respiratory or breath control practices are quite common in rubber fetish, often associated with bondage and dom-sub relationships.

Breath control, breath reduction, respiratory therapies, forced respiration, respiratory  tubing, urine respiration
and many other methods of controlling air supply associated with rubber fetish are very popular.

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The equipment for this is for example
special rubber masks, gas masks (often modified), in connection with corrugated tubes and urine bottles, gag masks,
rebreathing rubber bags, bellows, also complete breathing equipment from diving or surgery, so-called three-legged pants,
rubber bags, vacuum bags, blowup bags, mummification

and much more, in various, often very imaginative and self-built combinations.

2019.01 TdM05 2913d 04

And also big breasts, big rear parts (both especially if rubberized!) or the vagina (facesitting)

or even simply the hand in the rubber glove can serve at least as well for the lustful strict breath control!
And even only the rubberized body of the Mistress which lies with its whole adorable weight on the chest of the object,
can contribute significantly to other respiratory control measures.

2019.01 TdM06 2979d 052019.01 TdM07 2947d 34 02
















In principle, however, the following applies: NEVER DO breath restriction practices ALONE, especially not in conjunction with self-bondage!

This also applies to methods that are supposedly harmless and which are "certainly" subject to your own control.
Quickly and unexpectedly something can go differently than planned - 
and then, the remaining time available
to free yourself from whatever unfortunate situation, measures rather in seconds than in minutes!

This can go wrong in the end, and it has often happened before.

There must ALWAYS be a second person present, who for the victim, for the sub, not only assumes the role of the Dom,
but who can intervene immediately and who knows what to do!

2019.01 TdM08 2856d 1232019.01 TdM09 2925d 42 022019.01 TdM10 3009d 11

































In addition, the following applies: other accessories or other practices, such as for example
choking, waterboarding, pressing under water, hanging, strangulating, taping a plastic bag over the head, etc.
DO NOT carry out!

This can lead to irreparable physical and brain damage and to death within seconds!

2019.01 TdM11 2929d 20 02

And what should NEVER be practiced at all is the use of anaesthetics.

Any use of anaesthetics, even if expertly performed during surgery, always carries a residual risk.
This risk increases immeasurably when the application is carried out by laypersons.

There are a lot of legends of followers of these means, such as "Poppers are harmless" etc.  Yes, sure.
There are quite cases, also in recent time, that a guest at a Mistress did not survive the (forbidden!) use of anaesthetics.
As doctors dryly say: mors in tabula. Death on the operating table.


2019.01 TdM12 2839d 04 022019.01 TdM13 2872d 26

Okay. So far on methods, practices and warnings.
But now to the more enjoyable side of the subject:
So what is the attraction of these practices?

The goal is
to either reduce the breathing air to oneself or to sub, or to completely shut off the air supply for a short time,
or to add a certain odor to the breathing air (e.g. urine, latex).
Why? Attempt to explain:

2019.01 TdM14 3346d 062019.01 TdM15 2771d 04


The exercise of power over sub, not only over his/her mobility (through bondage etc.), but even over whether, how much and what the object may breathe!
Or to force sub to breathe aromatized air like e.g. with urine smell.
And of course also the possibility with many subs to force them into orgasms through such measures !
It's the ultimate control.

2019.01 TdM16 3105d 06 02

If breathing is restricted or absent, the body is supplied with too little oxygen.
At the same time a strong adrenaline release takes place.
In addition, the smell of the breathing air also causes sub to become more horny.
This in connection with the knowledge to be completely at the mercy of the Dom,
leads to strong sexual excitement and increased orgasms in subs with a corresponding tendency.

2019.01 TdM17 2865d 072019.01 TdM18 3338d 38-402019.01 TdM19 3153d 004


Even for many rubber fetishists who are neither dom nor sub, the whole technical arrangement made up of masks and tubes,
rubber bellows and rubber bags and and and and is a strong sexual fetish;
it does not necessarily depend on the breath control at all.
Here, too, a frequent variation is the respiration with urine-impregnated or strongly latex-smelling air,
especially with HeavyRubber fetishists who like sharply smelling industrial rubber.

2019.01 TdM20 2823d 01 022019.01 TdM21 2854d 25 012019.01 TdM22 2823d 02 02

A special thrill
is for many to be allowed to inhale only the exhaled air of the Rubber Mistress,
to be supplied only with the remaining oxygen which the dominant rubber woman provides to the object with her own breath.
This can be practiced very well with two gas masks and corresponding on/off breathing valves,
and is also very easy to regulate by a stopcock in the corrugated rubber hose...

2019.01 TdM23 2662d 09 1

A special bizarre variation is it,
when a rubber slut, on the one hand, as a sub in bondage, pleasurably surrenders to the strict treatment by the Dom,
but, on the other hand, the breath control masks of both are connected by a corrugated hose,
and the valves are working in such a way that Dom only gets as much air as sub wants to exhale -
the sub is then also the Dom for the Dom...

2019.01 TdM24 2423d 018 022019.01 TdM25 2791d 12 01







But apart from "Dom" and "sub": especially the look of a woman

whose fully rubberized, corsetted and booted body is additionally provided with
e.g. a special rubber mask and above it a gas mask with dark glasses, with several corrugated hoses, with breathing balloons,
a urine respiration bottle, perhaps even with a complete breathing apparatus from diving with an air bottle on the back,
and and and and...
THAT is for many HeavyRubber fans the real turn on!

2019.01 TdM26 3207d 1032019.01 TdM27 2887d 55

The rubber woman optically becomes a rubberized sex robot,

which, if both sides are inclined accordingly
(and that's more common than you might think - with men of course anyway, but also with an amazing number of rubber women)
is the ultimate fetish for both "her" and "him"!

2019.01 TdM28 3297d 23 02

This is often the fulfillment of fetishistic desires -
the rubber-robot-like Mistress, who in her fantastic-bizarre rubber outfit treats the rubber object strictly...

2019.01 TdM29 2662d 072019.01 TdM30 2829d 08

And no, the sex partners do not become "objectified".

What nonsense! It's still the real living people under the rubber skins,
who are interested in having sex together, or who even love each other,
only that the manifold HeavyRubber equipment provides them with an additional attraction.

Finally, this is nothing else than the so-called "sexy lingerie", as suspenders and high heels,
as lace bras and sexy panties. Just different.
And, this must also be mentioned, much more expensive. Rubber fetish is unfortunately a costly inclination.

2019.01 TdM31 2864d 122019.01 TdM32 3163d 24 022019.01 TdM33 3238d 23 2
















Honi soit qui mal y pense - only a person who thinks bad will find something offensive about it

A "bizarre" rubber equipment of the partners has also the advantage that with it many more practices are possible than with vanilla sex.
After all my experience, sex never becomes boring for HeavyRubber fetishists, not even after years - I know what I am talking about...!

2019.01 TdM34 2926d 04

Well, it's true, indeed, that
- compared to men - only relatively very few women REALLY are hooked on rubber
(and not only doing this because it's chic to wear a rubber fiddle in the club and at parties,
or just because the partner likes it),
but among the women, who are REAL, TRUE rubber fetishists, astonishingly many also like HeavyRubber!

Just like my rubber sluts and me! For us, rubber - also HeavyRubber - is an elixir of life!
Sex without rubber outfits - unthinkable!  :-)

2019.01 TdM35 2986d 21 022019.01 TdM36 2424d 57

















And my experience also shows,
that women are rubber SUBs at least as often as men.
Practices like active or especially passive breath control are widespread among rubber women I know of.
Only: they don't show it as offensively as men, who often spread their inclinations very extensively on the internet.
Women hardly write about it - they prefer to practice it with the right male or female partners...

2019.01 TdM37 2424d 602019.01 TdM38 3229d 009

There are no limits to fantasy with HeavyRubber and breath control practices.
With hot rubber women in hot rubber outfits having hot sex in a hot outdoor jacuzzi?
Love to! But of course with an appropriate tubing - the rubber slave girl and the rubber object
must share the residual air exhaled by the strict Rubber Mistress...

2019.01 TdM39 349d 71 02

2019.01 TdM40 2840d 17 012019.01 TdM41 2791d 09 012019.01 TdM42 3207d 093













The pictures on this page
give only a small impression of all possibilities what you can do together with HeavyRubber and breath control,
in twos, threes or fours.

2019.01 TdM43 2796d 34

I can't describe or show all conceivable practices here, this would go far beyond the scope of this small page.

FURTHER PHOTOS on this topic
you can find EVERYWHERE on my website - especially under

The Heavy Rubber ONLY Special

The Rubber Clinic Special

Location "BDSM Hotel"

2019.01 TdM44 3181d 0012019.01 TdM45 3238d 61 022019.01 TdM46 3339d 45

      If this topic, this small photo collection  makes you horny -
let me know!

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2019.01 TdM47 3180d 0392019.01 TdM48 3180d 0012019.01 TdM49 3180d 090

      You are very interested,
but you have no experience with it and don't really trust yourself?

That doesn't matter - just leave everything to our experienced, masked and tubed rubber bodies,
to our naughty latex hands and our very creative fetish characters...

We will be glad to subject you to our strict and professional treatment !

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