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My name is  Natalia!

 This is my website for  rubber fetish sessions, unique on a global level.

I am your Rubber Girlfriend and your Rubber Dream Woman, Rubber Doctress and Rubber Urologist,
Rubber Governess and Rubber Trainer, Rubber Nun and Rubber Exhibitionist,
Rubber Domina and Rubber Disciplinarian.

I am your Rubber Goddess.

You can meet me. Alone, or together with a rubber slut.
Not only virtually but personally, live, rubber-close.
You can smell us, feel us, taste us, touch us. 
We are your rubberized ecstasy.
Our rubberized bodies are driving you crazy. We make unique sex with you.

Rubber is our passion. 
We are rubber-perverse, we are bisexual, we are bizarre, we are extreme,
but we are also very lovingly.  We love it so much to be like this.

The Ultimate In Rubber Fetish.  In locations throughout whole Germany as well as in some European cities.


This is NOT a paysite, NOT an online shop. I do not sell photos , videos or outfits.

All content on this website is free of charge and free for minors.

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My bizarre Rubber Service is different.

Also, it is differently organized than usually:

In order to offer my guests the widest possible variety of venues,
I do NOT run an own "studio",
and I also do not sit on a weekly basis in this or that studio.

Rather, my rubber appointments are held in premises
each of which is specifically rented for your appointment only.

Therefore, for my rubber treatments of the various kinds
very different locations are available
in whole (!) Germany
as well as in some other European countries.
You have the choice!

All locations here!


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Your very personal Rubber Date with me

and - if desired - also together with one or two
of my rubber sluts

will be freely agreed between us, depending on
your  appointment possibilities and my appointment book,

according to your wishes and ideas.

With a bit of luck, very short deadlines are sometimes
 but better is a timely appointment scheduling.
Also a long-term appointment is possible.

See also   Contact & Booking

as well as   Rubber Therapies


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   Safe Sex is practiced ONLY !

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You had subscribed to my NEWSletter, but did not receive it as of July 1st?

As I already announced in my NEWSletter No. 127 of June 1st, 2018 (published on May 24th),
after sending out this NEWSletter,
on the basis of the regulations of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
the previous NEWSletter database was DELETED.

 See also the Declaration of Data Protection on my website.

If you are interested to continue to receive my NEWSletter you are asked
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 What a heat!

 I'm really a hardcore rubber fetishist,
and I can wear rubber outfits for many hours or sometimes even several days,
day and night.

But the heat of this summer is a whole different matter.
Have you ever worn rubber when it's really hot,
or even in full sun?
Believe me, you won't last long.

 I even had to postpone appointments with my guests in the last few weeks
and had to move it to slightly cooler days -
after all, I also have a duty of care!  :-)

 But do I have to forego it altogether?
Not necessarily.
Not only do I have a garden, I also have a garden shower.

 Here are some photos of me enjoying the summer despite of the heat -
fully rubberized!


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Do you want to join us?

In Heavy Rubber in spite or just because of the weather
under a cold shower,
or in a Jacuzzi with cold water?

It's fun!

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Also rubber slut #203 knows how to make the best of the weather -
hot rubber love in the cool pool !

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The Topic of the Month

August 2018


Session Tours - a short explanation

What "session tours" are is explained HERE on my website.

 But not everyone has the patience to read.
Because often I am asked in e-mails, when I wi be again in Munich, in Dusseldorf etc.
So here once again a short explanation.

One te one and -
You can always book me individually -
in WHOLE Germany (and also in some other European countries)
and in accordance with your schedule and mine.
I'll just travel to the arranged city for the appointment with you.

 But it makes a difference where we meet:

 When we meet in the area of Norddeutschland
(e.g. Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen)
my minimum booking time is 2 hours. There are no travel expenses.

 In the greater Ruhr area
(e.g. Cologne, Düsseldorf)
and also in Berlin
my minimum booking time is 4 hours and travel expenses apply.

 In Greater West Germany
(e.g. Frankfurt)
and also in East Germany
the minimum booking time is 5 hours, and travel expenses apply.

And in Southern Germany
(e.g. Munich, Bavaria, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, etc.)
the minimum booking time is 6 hours, and travel expenses are also incurred.


On the other hand -
- you don't necessarily want to book 4, 6 or more hours,
- but you can't come to Northern Germany for a shorter session either,
- or you want to save a little on travel expenses,

THEN my session tours are the right thing for you! 

Depending on the frequency of requests for other cities I plan from time to time
session trips, e.g. to Dusseldorf, Munich or other regions.

 But you must have some patience until I will be back in your neighborhood.

Möchtest Du bald eine Gummi-Session erleben ?

 Schreib mir !
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Current: Session Tours in September and October


From Tuesday, Sept. 18th until Friday, Sept. 21st

There are only TWO dates left -
on Tuesday, Sept. 19
on Wednesday, Sept. 20th


From Wednesday, Sept. 26th until Friday, Sept. 28th

I already have bookings and reservations for this session trip,
but these dates are still a little flexible.
And maybe I'll add another day.


 Beside that I can set up appointments in

also on Sunday, 07 October


Experience shows that the available dates are always booked quickly.
If you are interested write me NOW
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

That's it for this hot month -
more news and pictures in September!