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he Rubber Whores...
My name is  Natalia!

This is NOT a paysite, NOT an online shop. I do not sell photos , videos or outfits.
All content on this website is free of charge and free for minors.

 This is my website for  rubber fetish sessions, unique on a global level.

I am your Rubber Girlfriend and your Rubber Dream Woman, Rubber Doctress and Rubber Urologist,
Rubber Governess and Rubber Trainer, Rubber Nun and Rubber Exhibitionist,
Rubber Domina and Rubber Disciplinarian.

I am your Rubber Goddess.

You can meet me and my rubber sluts. Not only virtually but personally, live, rubber-close.
You can smell us, feel us, taste us, touch us. 
We are your rubberized ecstasy.
Our rubberized bodies are driving you crazy. We make unique sex with you.

Rubber is our passion. 
We are rubber-perverse, we are bisexual, we are bizarre, we are extreme,
but we are also very lovingly.  We love it so much to be like this.

The Ultimate In Rubber Fetish. 
In locations throughout whole Germany as well as in some European cities

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My bizarre Rubber Service is different.

Also, it is differently organized than usually:

In order to offer my guests the widest possible variety of venues,
I do NOT run an own "studio",
and I also do not sit on a weekly basis in this or that studio.

Rather, my rubber appointments are held in premises
each of which is specifically rented for your appointment only.

Therefore, for my rubber treatments of the various kinds
very different locations are available
in whole (!) Germany
as well as in some other European countries.
You have the choice!

All locations here!


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Your very personal Rubber Date with me

and - if desired - also together with one or two
of my rubber sluts

will be freely agreed between us, depending on
your  appointment possibilities and my appointment book,

according to your wishes and ideas.

With a bit of luck, very short deadlines are sometimes
 but better is a timely appointment scheduling.
Also a long-term appointment is possible.

See also   Contact & Booking

as well as   Rubber Therapies


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  Safe Sex is practiced ONLY !

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What's new?!

My free  e-mail  NEWSletter  informs you
monthly new
always on the 1st of every month!

If you want to receive my NEWSletter,
please register here:
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See also the declaration of data protection
on my website.

                                                                                           (Natalia! with rubber nurse #26 and rubber patient #9 at a strict cinical treatment)

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Session Tours in the coming months
(as of May 17th)

Session Tour to DUSSELDORF

Mon 02nd - Wed 04th September 2019 at the "Villa of the Domina"
Still some dates available

Session Tour to MUNICH

Thu 03rd - Sat 05th October 2019 at the "Luxury Fetisch Penthouse"
Dates still free on Thu 3rd and Fri 04th October,
NO more on Sat 05th.

Of course again together with one of my rubber sluts.

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Dates that have become available at short notice

(as of May 11th)

(greater area Baden-Baden - Mannheim - Stuttgart)
Saturday 06th
and Sunday 07th July
Saturday 20th
and Sunday 21th July
Saturday 27th
and Sunday 28th July
at the "Rubber Clinic Gulag" !!

>  Does none of these dates or places fit? Make your own individual rubber date
in consultation with me on a day and at a place of your choice!  <

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The Topic of the Month

May 2019

About the nonsense of a SPAM folder


          Probably every e-mail program has a SPAM folder. And most e-mail users think nothing of it.
          But it is ill-considered and disadvantageous to use this folder.

          Into the SPAM folder incoming mails are automatically put by the program, which are unwanted, annoying or even dangerous (JUNK or SPAM mails).
          So much for the theory.

          Sounds good at first - only: who decides ? The computer or the mail program cannot "think", they only act according to their default settings.
          These default settings are either already included in the mail program, or the user can change them or set them himself.

          In any case, the default settings are made by humans.
          Sounds good too ? Not really.

          The basic settings for the SPAM filter are usually delivered with the program, i.e. they are made by programmers of the company that has installed the program.
          A SPAM filter works in such a way that IP address, sender address, subject or even the entire contents of the mail are automatically filtered for "suspicious", 
          "inappropriate", or "blacklisted" keywords and content.
          These filters also "learn" what e.g. means that a mail is already stored in the SPAM filter if certain words classified as "unwanted" are sent too often.
          Or if your IP or e-mail address is too often stolen and misused by SPAMMERS.

          If this would cause only mails that are really "SPAM" to end up in the SPAM folder, i.e. unsolicited bulk and advertising mails, or mails containing
          dangerous attachments like viruses or trojans, that would be a fine thing. But unfortunately really dangerous mails are usually not recognized at all.
          Rather, numerous factors play a role in the programming of the filters, which are not necessarily in the interests of the individual user - social, moral, and religious
          aspects, political and legal requirements, economic considerations of the company, and some other more.

          Even if the mail program allows the user to change the settings of his SPAM filter himself, this does not guarantee that some unwanted basic settings are not
          retained nevertheless.

          Why am I talking about this subject?

          Because it happens quite often that guests or interested parties believe that I don't answer them. If then, weeks or months later, they have a look into their SPAM
          folder, they might discover my mail. Not rarely then I get, much later,  messages of the kind "Oh, sorry, I have your mail only now randomly found in my SPAM
          folder..." But then it is often already much too late for the requested rubber date.

          But many users even never look into their SPAM folder. That's the way the German comedian Dieter Nuhr once explained it with the example of household contents,
          which one can store in the cellar: the things are actually still there, but in fact they are already gone...

          Or, it's very bad, of course, if the SPAM filter is programmed so that mails are not only placed in the SPAM folder, but also there automatically will be deleted.
          This is the perfect (self-)censorship - just as if a shredder has been installed in the letter box at the front door of your house, which, at the discretion of strangers,
          does immediately destroy a part of the letters thrown in.
 And one never finds out again what was sent, what was destroyed.

          What to do? My advice:

          - disable the SPAM filter and the SPAM mailbox in your mail program completely !

          - once a day look into your inbox. View all mails. 
Immediately delete mails that are SPAM or suspicious in any other way.

               Open unclear mails and read them, but NEVER open an attachment if suspected. If still suspicious, delete immediately.
               Keep only unsuspicious and wanted mails.

               This is a small daily effort, but it is much better than missing important mails !

               If you instead take the trouble to check your SPAM folder once a week or once a month or so, you won't have less work to do, but you will miss out on
               possibly urgent mails.

          - if you don't get an answer from me to your mail after about one week, send me an SMS and let me know that you sent me an e-mail
               but you didn't get an answer. 
With your e-mail address, your name used in the e-mail, and the date of the e-mail.
               I will then check and answer you in any case by SMS.

               (please write me ONLY for this reason an SMS; I do not answer booking and other inquiries by SMS. Such inquiries ONLY by
               e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

          By the way

          such filters are often used even before the mail reaches the user, i.e. already at the mail provider. But there is hardly anything you can do about it.
          Although many providers offer so-called "white lists" in which you can explicitly request IPs or mail addresses - but who would take this trouble, and this doesn't
          guarantee that other filter components won't still prevent the delivery (e.g. for "indecent" or "inappropriate" words, or simply for content that is not in the provider's
          interest) .

          If you notice such a behavior of your mail provider, only one thing helps: change the provider!
          Especially the USA, but also Great Britain are pioneers of this paternalism, which is nothing else than censorship; not to mention the numerous autocracies and
          dictatorships around the world.
          If you have such a problem e.g. with a provider from the USA (most common e-mail providers are located in the US!), change to a German one,
          they are usually more relaxed in this respect.

          Questions to me ?
          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


My new rubber slut #7

is now online with her page HERE on my website!

no.7 03 3396d 121 02

 Viele Fotos von ihr,
eine ausführliche Beschreibung
und eine Liste ihrer Neigungen !

no.7 21 3398d 26 02

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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" MEET & GREET "  at the VENUS 2019

This year I will be at the world's biggest erotic fair, the

VENUS in Berlin

with an own booth.

Natalia VENUS 2019 in Berlin

On all fair days I will be present together with some of my kinky rubber sluts.
And, of course, we all will be fully rubberized!

" Meet & Greet " - for everyone who has always wanted to get to know us,
but unfortunately have never had the opportunity to do so.

" Meet & Greet " - that stands for meeting and chatting, for information and for selfies with us,
for many live pictures from my sessions on monitors,
and maybe also for a glass of champagne with me.

There will be no rubber sessions on these days in Berlin, there will be neither time nor opportunity for them.
Sessions in October 2019 are possible (in Berlin or anywhere else in Germany!)
up to Oct. 11th and then again starting from Oct. 23rd.

See you at the VENUS 2019 in Berlin -

from Thu 17th - Sun 20th October 2019 !