The “Prostitutes Protection Law“

The new “Prostitutes Protection Law“ which came into force in Germany on July 1st, 2017, has caused a lot of confusion and insecurity.
Here's a little recon.

First, the "Prostitution Law" was passed in 2001. It consisted of a few lines only, but initiated a fundamental change:
prostitution was until then legally "immoral" in Germany, even at least in theory still a criminal offence (it was actually equated with serious crime such as robbery or bank robbery, but was no longer prosecuted in this way), this law made clear for the first time in 2001 that prostitution is a completely legal activity in Germany and not (no longer) punishable.

Sixteen years later, on July 1st, 2017, the "Prostitute Protection Law" complementary thereto came into force. What sounds so caring here ("protection" law), however, is actually rather an extremely strict regulation on 18 closely described pages of the profession of prostitutes and the prostitution business.
Prostitutes must now register, receive a health card and a whore card (even if the name of it is different), must renew their applications regularly and observe many regulations, and the prostitution trade (operating a prostitution facility or an agency) is subject to approval and strict supervision.

This law has caused a lot of criticism, and it is certainly worth criticising and in need of improvement on many points. A corresponding complaint has been submitted to the Federal Constitutional Court.
But like everything in life, also this law has two sides. On the other hand, it ensures clear rules in this professional field, which also means that no one can now finally say with false half-knowledge "that is illegal", and with the advantage that crimes that are common in this trade as in many others will be prevented more effectively in the future.

Now - what is important for my guests?

First of all: we have no Scandinavian conditions here. Prostitutes are permitted in Sweden, Norway and Iceland, but customers are subject to prosecution!
This is absurd, and such conditions do not exist in Germany.
Rather: just as the profession of prostitutes or corresponding institutions such as brothels or studios are completely legal (even if now excessively strictly controlled and regulated),
visiting prostitutes or corresponding establishments is completely legal in Germany!

Also, the various registration requirements only apply to the prostitutes, but of course not to the guests!
 And of course, the guests of prostitutes are neither monitored nor registered.
There are only a few prohibitions that must be observed - prostitutes, for example, are strictly forbidden to have sex with their customers without a condom (and with a high fine for the guest!). But anyone who thinks rationally would not run the risk of "exchanging body fluids" with a completely foreign person (and this applies to both sides) anyway, no matter whether vaginally, anally or orally.
Otherwise, however, only those restrictions apply which should be taken for granted, which have always applied and which are already regulated in other laws, such as the inclusion of minors or animals, non-consensual sexual acts, disregard for sexual self-determination, the use of violence, drugs, no prostitution in restricted areas, and the like - in other words, nothing new.


in Germany prostitution, visiting prostitutes or studios is not prohibited, not in a legal grey area, but completely legal more than ever.
The "brave new world" of prostitution in Germany, which is now precisely regulated, may on the one hand cause a lot of discontent and effort on the part of this business, but on the other hand the visiting prostitutes will also become much safer for the guest, the "customer", the "client" in future, both from a health, as well as from a financial and criminal point of view.

As for myself and for the "rubber sluts" whom you can book separately if you wish:
of course we are registered, provided with health and whore card, follow the rules of the "Prostitution Law" and the "Prostitute Protection Law", and observe just as naturally all rules of health and hygiene and the correct execution of this business.
The guest should feel comfortable with us, relax and let go.
And it is the best compliment when we hear from the guests again and again that for the first time in his (or her) life the most secret sexual wishes and dreams have actually been fulfilled.

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