The Heavy Rubber ONLY Special

HRO 01 HeavyRubberOnlyn


Are you mad about being completely and totally rubberized?

We too!

The whole body enclosed and trapped in heavy rubber?
With severe enforcement masks and respiration tubes?

There's nothing hotter!

HRO 02 2559d 28n

Can be combined
with your specific inclinations -

bondage, enforced rubberization, urine therapies, transformation, rubber clinic, slave keeping, cbt and much more...!

All in the heaviest heavy rubber!

HRO 03 3168d 15n

We rubber women will receive you already being totally and heavily rubberized,
and we will treat you severely rubberized throughout our whole rubber date -
not a square inch of skin or mucous membrane will be visible, only rubber, rubber, rubber.

But of course we are still "accessible" - for that there are special rubber outfits and masks!

HRO 04 2923d 06n

'll ask yourself, do you have still to do it with rubber women, or rather with female rubber sex robots...?

And if you can keep up with us :-) , just like us you will be severely rubberized, too!
(but you do not have to)

Are you ready for perverse totally rubberized Heavy-Rubber-Women?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HRO 05 3072d 02 315n

Okay - if the lust on mighty silicone tits becomes predominant,
even with Heavy Rubber the oversized heavy breasts may exceptionally be retrieved from their rubberization...

HRO 06 3182d 170n

Me, Heavy Rubber Robot N.

Programmed to train you. Programmed to treat you.
Mercilessly. Relentlessly. Persistently. Incessantly.

 HRO 07 3302d 125 04n

Total Heavy Rubberization.
Strict Breath Control.
Complete Discipline.
Stringent Training.

HRO 08 3205d 258 2n

Natalia! & The Machine.

HRO 09 3281d 47 4n

Heavy Rubber Robots
 applying their programming.

HRO 10 3319d 32 4n

Toilet Treatments

"The perfect place for training & torture - the tiled toilette. For the subjugation of the submissive slave subject!"

HRO 11 3146d 35n

The fuel for Heavy Rubber Robots is - urine!

HRO 12 10058d 097n

The Anonymous Rubber Slave Girl

 Fully rubberized, 

strictly corsetted, 

in rubber bondage, 

with a severe blow-up mask,
a heavily pierced
catheterized vagina, 

ready for just about anything...

 She LOVES it!

 She is WAITING for you!

HRO 13 10060d 044 02n


A Night in Rubber in a Rubber Bed

 together with a pussy-pierced, fully rubberized, devoted loving rubber girl
who is e.g. dressed in slippery shiny rubber lingerie, a rubber corselet, a sexy rubber garter belt, rubber seam stockings,
tight rubber gloves, a laced rubber mask, a heavy rubber coat, and wearing extreme high heels in the rubber bed...

who is longing for kissing and snogging and fondling and cuddling and licking and fucking and wanking and masturbating you and and and... 

All night long...
Your dream comes true.

HRO 14 3320d 54n


So close yet so far...

Lovingly  I arrange your close fully rubberized being-together with my rubber slut #203...
with strictest  foil- and suspended bondage, mutual forced respiration, anal vibrator, electro stimulation...
Here at the Dungeon of the Rubber Gulag...

HRO 15 10063d 171 4n

Whether BDSM at the strict training studio...

HRO 16 3339d 44 03n

...intensive care at the Rubber Clinic...

HRO 17 10042d 38n

...unspeakable experiments on the rubber object at the latex lab...

HRO 18 3245d 190n

...bizarre conditioning rituals in the rubber nunnery...

HRO 19 3238d 61n

...public presentation of the rubberized chain slave...

HRO 20 3180d 065n

... these are just a few of the countless ways you can live out HEAVY RUBBER with me and my latex addictive rubber sluts!

And of course strict perverse rubber masks should never be missing - here are some examples:

HRO 21 3346d 32n

HRO 22 3341d 38 02nHRO 23 3341d 34n

HRO 24 10065d 07 02n

HRO 25 3330d 15 10 03nHRO 26 3341d 20 01n

HRO 27 10065d 42 02n

HRO 28 10065d 43 02n