The Rubber Nuns Special

Nuns in rubber outfits - a fetish, which certainly not everyone shares, but which has astonishingly many followers!
The mysterious, even fascinating around the topics "nunneries & nuns" and "sex" is something that also attracts many
in fetish circles, especially in the rubber fetish.
Mysterious, secretly wild-uninhibited rubber women...

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On the one hand this may have to do with the fact that one now knows a lot (or at least believes to know from hearsay!) about the
inexpressible atrocities and unexpected perversions, dark secrets and sinister rituals, which in earlier times
are said to have been commonplace in nunneries or in hospitals and asylums ("madhouses") run by nuns,
even though much of it may be just a legend. But there is certainly a true essence to it.

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On the other hand probably also with various rumours and lore about mysterious sexual rituals, about forbidden herbs, tinctures and love potions,
which made willless and servile, about the hidden perverse sex secrets behind monastery walls...

Secret lesbian orgies, wild and unbridled sex practices in a rubber regalia - and even the gardener of the monastery becomes a victim! :-)

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And thirdly also with the fact that religious women are committed to chastity (at least in theory,

I have there so my own opinion, the sex drive can simply not just be completely suppressed or sublimed) 

and that it is especially appealing for some to imagine just such a woman ritually rubberized, sex-mad and perverted.
The whole subject is certainly very clichéd, some of it will be true, much of it will belong in the realm of fantasy, 

but as long as it inspires the "dirty" imagination and thus fulfils its exciting purpose...

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My outfit for rubber sessions on this subject is always that of the strict Headmistress -
e.g. a floor-length tunic made of heavy black flowing rubber, which is accentuating my oversized breasts perfectly and irresistibly,
white rubber hanger and belt, hood and headband,top, bottom and chest veils, also everything made of black and white rubber.

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In addition of course black long rubber gloves, strict laced knee long black high-heeled rubber boots or gladly also ballet boots,
depending upon guest desire also a cruel black rubber mask or a perverse black gas mask or hose mask...
I must confess, I also find the sight of my fully rubberized nun's body irresistible!

GNo 14 2665d 32 04n

My apprentice is of course dressed in similar rubber, but still much more frivolous.

For example, a short, sometimes extremely short tunic (yes, I know that this no longer quite corresponds to the rules of the order!),
from which also sometimes straps and stockings lie out (okay, this is no longer provided in the order book now at all),   

or breast free (and certainly not!), so that her piercings can also be seen there - such things.

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She's just the horny young nunnery slut who has nothing but sex in her head!  But even when she's completely naked -

always bonnet, headband, top, bottom and chest veil (and possibly mask) as well as long latex gloves and
strict laced black latex boots are an absolute must. So far, the monastic dress code must be observed.

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However, there are also guests (who often want to have three or four nunnery women with them) who strictly reject this superficially
frivolous idea with all the rubber women involved and instead prefer the austere, gloomy appearance.

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Both the headmistress and the sisters' pupils will then all wear black, floor-length heavy clothes throughout, 

also overweight tunics made of very thick rubber.
A floor-length hanger, a veil together with an incorporated mask covering the face -
the bodies of all nuns are thick and strictly covered with rubber in several layers.

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(these photos are composed from several appointments with different guests in different locations)

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