The Transformation Special

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Are you dreaming of beautiful sexy rubber women?

Are you dreaming of being one yourself -
a rubber doll, a rubber maid, a rubber slave girl?!

Do you like these pictures?
No, these are no women! These are all she-males, sissies, transvestites, rubber dolls, men who have been transformed into rubber women -
voluntarily, or with a little force - as you need it... :-)
(on some pictures also one of my rubber sluts is shown)

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I will love to take care of you and to transform you into a perfect rubber woman!

Alone, or together with one of my Rubber Sluts, some of which because of personal inclination are specialised to she-males,
and who will be very happy to transform you together with me, into a rubber doll, a rubber maid, a rubber slave girl,
and who then will treat you appropriatly to the species...

All equipment for this is of course available.

Write me your secret desires and let us realize them together!

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New exciting shemale-outfit!

Light bondage, fully rubberized, very female, various masks possible...

Here are some pics!

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