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he Rubber Whores...
My name is  Natalia!

This is NOT a paysite, NOT an online shop. I do not sell photos , videos or outfits.
All content on this website is free of charge and free for minors.

 This is my website for  rubber fetish sessions, unique on a global level.

I am your Rubber Girlfriend and your Rubber Dream Woman, Rubber Doctress and Rubber Urologist,
Rubber Governess and Rubber Trainer, Rubber Nun and Rubber Exhibitionist,
Rubber Domina and Rubber Disciplinarian.

I am your Rubber Goddess.

You can meet me and my rubber sluts. Not only virtually but personally, live, rubber-close.
You can smell us, feel us, taste us, touch us. 
We are your rubberized ecstasy.
Our rubberized bodies are driving you crazy. We make unique sex with you.

Rubber is our passion. 
We are rubber-perverse, we are bisexual, we are bizarre, we are extreme,
but we are also very lovingly.  We love it so much to be like this.

The Ultimate In Rubber Fetish. 
In locations throughout whole Germany

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My bizarre Rubber Service is different.

Also, it is differently organized than usually:

In order to offer my guests the widest possible variety of venues,
I do NOT run an own "studio",
and I also do not sit on a weekly basis in this or that studio.

Rather, my rubber appointments are held in premises
each of which is specifically rented for your appointment only.

Therefore, for my rubber treatments of the various kinds
very different locations are available
in whole (!) Germany
You have the choice!

All locations here!


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Your very personal Rubber Date with me

and - if desired - also together with one or two
of my rubber sluts

will be freely agreed between us, depending on
your  appointment possibilities and my appointment book,

according to your wishes and ideas.

With a bit of luck, very short deadlines are sometimes
 but better is a timely appointment scheduling.
Also a long-term appointment is possible.

See also   Contact & Booking

as well as   Rubber Therapies


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Safe Sex is practiced ONLY !

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monthly new
always on the 1st of every month!

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See also the declaration of data protection
on my website.


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has undergone a technical update in November.
The programs on which the site is based have been updated,
and the site is now secured with a security protocol ( https ),
to ensure confidentiality and security of data transmission even more.
This is also important for subscribing to my NEWSletter.

But nothing has changed for you as a user,
and also optically the website has remained the same.

If in the first time still errors or malfunctions should occur,
I kindly ask for message - thank you!

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  That was bound to happen…

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My stand manager Sammi at my stand at the VENUS 2019 first noticed it.
"Tell me, Natalia ..." she began cautiously. "Have they known each other long?"
"Uh, no. Why?"
"Well - what they are doing there, that is more than just presentation for the visitors - isn't it ??".
How right she was.

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Rubber Slut #7 and #203 knew each other only briefly from some common
sessions, but have always had a conspicuous interest in each other.
At my stand at the VENUS 2019 in Berlin, for four days we all were fully rubberized together from morning till night,
and in the hotel the two of them had a room together.
And of course it came as it had to come.

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During the countless gynaecological chair demonstrations at my stand the two of them got very very close to each other.
And I don't want to know what they were doing together at the hotel. Anyway, they didn't get undressed from the rubber outfits right after the
exhibition hours - I rather suspect that they didn't take their rubber outfits off at all for four days...
In any case, they were always suspiciously fast at breakfast in the morning after waking up - fully rubberized!

The consequence was of course that the two of them got a crush on each other, in the rubberized bodies, the huge tits,
in the very special pussiesand in each other's tendencies towards uninhibited rubber sex.
The decisive factor was of course that both are totally into rubber, into heavy rubber.

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#7 and #203 are now privately a couple!

 And #7 is now starting to get her labia pierced like #203.
The first six piercings she got already!

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The two are now also in a funny competition, which body with the giant tits
the guests find better : #203 tall and slim, #7 rather voluptuously rounded…

#7 and #203 are now very keen on doing sessions TOGETHER
and get to use & abuse my guests in sessions TOGETHER!

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(as of January 14th)


Wed 05th, Thu 6th + Fri 7th February 2020

At the "Villa of the Domina with Clinic"

Still FREE dates on this tour on:
Wednesday, February 5th
Friday, February 7th

Of course as always together with one of my Rubber Sluts

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(as of January 15th)

In  HAMBURG  at the "BDSM-Hotel"

Wednesday, January 29th
Together with rubber slut #6 or #7 !

Thursday, February 20th
Together with rubber slut #6 , #26
or #203 !

Saturday, February 22nd

Together with rubber slut #6 , #26 or #203 !

In  FRANKFURT a.M.  at the "Fetish- and BDSM-Apartment"

Monday, May 11th
Wednesday, May13th
Together with rubber slut #7#26 or #203 !




>  Does none of these dates or places fit? Make your own individual rubber date
in consultation with me on a day and at a place of your choice!  <

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January 2020

Why do I offer my Rubber Session in Germany only?

Because prostitution

- is legal and regulated by law in Germany. Many say "over-regulated", and I agree with that opinion, but better fully legal as illegal.

- is prohibited in most other countries in the EU and around the world, or is legally in a grey zone, which often results in police arbitrariness
and blackmailing.

- in the few countries where it is permitted, a distinction is made between domestic and foreign prostitutes.
A foreigner usually requires a special official permit, often also a work visa, she cannot simply enter the country and do her job there.
But also in some countries, where foreign women with the appropriate permits are allowed to engage in prostitution, it is not uncommon
to find arbitrariness on the part of the authorities and blackmail by officials.

- is of course taxable everywhere, and a foreigner must therefore also be registered for tax in the country concerned and pay taxes.
This also brings with it complicated further developments such as clarification of the tax legal situation by expensive tax lawyers and
tax consultants in both countries, compliance with the rules of double taxation agreements, and the resulting full considerable bureaucratic
effort with the German and foreign tax authorities.

- especially for a dominatrix or a bizarre lady requires extensive equipment to be carried along (like in my case numerous rubber outfits,
bondage equipment, clinical and urological accessories, bizarre devices and machines, toys, and much more).
It is hardly possible to take suitcases full of such equipment with you on the plane; this is a real hassle when checking in, or at the latest
at controls in the destination country (gas masks in the luggage? Suspicion of terror! SM equipment? Even worse!!)
And it is also not recommended to take those things with you in the car, this can lead to serious problems at the border.

- in the form in which I practise it (rubber sessions) cannot be carried out without this, and the import of this "professional equipment"
must be officially approved. Even if the appropriate legal and tax permits to practice this profession in the destination country are on
hand, this equipment cannot just be taken across the border. Rather, for each and every journey (!) for every single part (!) already months
before (!) I have to get a customs document, the so-called "Carnet ATA". This is available and has to be presented to the responsible
Chamber of Commerce and Industry for approval. And it must be checked and approved by the responsible customs authority
by personal appearance and presentation of all parts. After all, it could be that the goods are to be imported illegally in order to sell
them in the country of destination, under avoidance of tax liability...
And then every single part (down to the last rubber glove) must be exported again. If something is missing at the border control,
it gets really expensive.

"Usual" hookers have it a lot easier. They take only themselves and their treasure chest with them on their trip abroad, and if they don't
have tough luck and don't get caught, no one will ever know...

Conclusion: Foreign trips for rubber sessions are theoretically possible to a few countries. But the very considerable bureaucratic
administrative work that has to be done in advance in the long term makes it virtually impossible. And there is always a certain residual
And in most countries it is anyway more or less forbidden or subject to very considerable obstacles. So, for example, I get frequent
requests from the UK and the USA to go there on a session tour. Sorry, boys and girls, this is unfortunately not possible.

Therefore: please visit me in Germany, as all my foreign guests do!
I am visited by guests from all five continents, and many travel from Australia, Hong Kong or South America just to meet me / us.
So it should be no problem to travel from nearby countries!
 From Great Britain, a visit to us is possible with two short-distance-
flights in two days without any problems, and even from the USA an extended weekend time is enough for a unique rubber experience
with us!

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- the announced photo gallery !

Many visitors wrote me afterwards that unfortunately they had no opportunity
to go to Berlin to meet me,
or, they were at the VENUS, but couldn't get to me because my stand was so crowded.

Therefore here for all a big picture gallery with many snapshots, an impression of four rubber horny days !

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Long awaited - THE BOOK !


by Natalia Muehlhausen   with Jo Hammar

A non-fiction book (textbook) without illustrations in its content.

(so far in German language only!)

2019.10 12 Buchtitel BD

From the cover text of the book (translated):

Natalia Muehlhausen

 MakeUp Artist, Model, Television Actress,
Fetish Model,
and as Natalia! global icon of rubber fetish.

’Rubber Doctress’ and ’Rubber Therapist’, ’Rubber Nun’ and ’Rubber MIstress’,
’Rubber Governess’ and ’Rubber Exhibitionist’.
And for many also the ’Rubber Goddess’.

'Besondere Dienstleistungen'
[ 'Special Services' ]

 is a thoughtful and critical,
but also a very entertaining and informative introduction to a somewhat different sphere,
into the professional and living world of a Mistress,
who, together with women of the same inclination, the 'Rubber Sluts',
fulfils in her 'rubber sessions' in a unique way special needs of her guests.

 Supplemented by
’Natalia!s Wörterbuch zum Thema Gummi-Fetisch’
[ Natalia!s Rubber Fetish Dictionary ]

600 pages, hardcover, with more than 800 keywords in the dictionary

Written with
 Jo Hammar
Air Force Officer and Photographer, Globetrotter and Writer

For the time being, the sale will NOT take place in bookstores and NOT online,
but exclusively

by personal handing over at my rubber sessions.
On request with autograph and personal dedication.

€ 39.90