Dusseldorf  (via airport DUS DUsseldorf)


The Villa of the Domina, with Clinic

         Luxurious stylish ambience coupled with the rubberized dominance of the Mistress and her lust-sluts.
         Your place of rigorous contemplation and your relentless education.

         - the Outside Area, for the stylish keeping and training of rubber objects

         - the Training Boudoir of the Rubber MIstress

         - the Waiting- and Punishment-Area

         - the Examination- and Treatment-Room of the Rubber Doctress

         and (so far without photos):

         - a small intimate club room, all in leather

         - a bedroom with double bed, a kitchen and a bathroom

         This location is also perfectly suitable for overnights and for longtime treatments!

         Here are some first pictures of the venue with me and rubber slut #26...

    The Outside Area  for stylish amusement with rubber objects


         - large elegant pavilion with upholstered furmiture
         - two bondage-swing loungers for use in the pavilion

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   The Training Boudoir  of the Rubber Mistress


         - magnificent throne for the Rubber Mistress
         - large bondage bed, with pillory and cage under the bed
         - two bondage frames
         - slave chair
         - spanking bench
         - electrical hoist with spreader bar and sling
         - device wall with extensive equipment
         - three large mirrors

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   The Waiting- and Punishment-Area


         - large steel stand-vage
         - massive spanking bench with heavy leather belts
         - torture cross
LDV 015 3270d 326nLDV 016 3270d 321n

   The Examination- and Treatment-Room of the Rubber Doctress


         - gynecological examination- and treatment- chair
         - clinical lounger for strict fixation
         - various additional furniture
         - doctor's cabinet with extensive equipment

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   The Club Room


         - heavy leather furmiture
         - fireplace
         - bar

          - no pictures yet -

   Sleeping room, kitchen and bathroom


         everything needed!


          - no pictures yet -