City-Tour - in Hamburg

LHH 01 Lincoln

LHH 02 3218d 72n

Sometimes you've got to spoil yourself...

Rubber sex of the very special and exciting kind!

On an extended cozy City Tour through HAMBURG my rubber slut and I will lay into you

in a 9 meter long white Hollywood Saloon Car!

As a horny introduction to your subsequent rubber treatment in one of my venues...

Ultimatively perverse sightseeing - shielded from the driver's cabin, through the black windows we can see Hamburg, "The most beautiful city in the world“ - but nobody will see us in the car at our indecent rubberized activities...

But maybe you will have no eye for the beauty outside of the car but only for the beauties in the car!

The limousine can be rented on request for the City Tour and also as part of  the services of my Luxury Special .

This very special rubber adventure can be combined with various others of my rubber services.

LHH 03 3218d 43nLHH 04 3218d 57nLHH 05 10011 67n


Bizarre Disco Ride in a black, white, silver or even pink Hollywood Club Limousine

Mega sound system (USB, CD/MP3, Bluetooth), light system, laser show, fog machine, refrigerator, drinks of your choice...
Adventuring Hamburg together with stunning, huge-titted, fully rubberized perverse rubber women!

LHH 06 10055d 059n