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Redlight District - in Hamburg

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Hamburg is not only "the most beautiful city in the world“, is has not only one of the largest ports in Europe and is since centuries "the gate to the world", but it also has with its famous redlight district "St. Pauli“ a unique and exciting entertainments quarter on a global level.
Around the infamous Reeperbahn, the "randy mile" of Hamburg, and the world-renowned whore's lane Herbertstrasse and the no less well-known club lane Große Freiheit there are countless clubs and bars, gambling dens and brothels, striptease and table dance places, sex shops and bizarre shops, nightclubs and restaurants, tattoo studios and head shops, the Beatles Square and an open-air theatre, cabarets and a famous operetta house.

Pushy street hookers and transvestites dressed up to the nines, innumerable visitors and amazed tourists, pimps and promoters, scene people and club kiddies, businessmen and passers-by, locals and foreigners from around the world, sailors and soldiers, pushers and junkies, cops and security guards are on the move on the roads of the redlight district on weekends to hundreds of thousands - in some night hours St. Pauli is one of the most densely populated places on earth.

Unique and exciting, a fantastic biotop for sexual desires of all kinds.
And of course also for me and my Rubber Service!

Heavy Rubber Escort , maybe in combination with my public Rubber Prison Special or my Rubber Hooker Special , as an introduction to a unique Rubber Session ...
The possibilities are numerous to enjoy the famous St. Pauli not only live but also rubberized and accompanied by loving or strict or perverse rubber women!

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LHR 03 2971d 102n Let's experience the nighttime redlight district,

and have a hell of a party with the strippers in a dimly lit bar...

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