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( via airport HAM Hamburg International )
                                 ( NOT via LBC Luebeck - this is a regional airport that is also offered for flights to Hamburg. It is 80 km = 1.5 hours from Hamburg ! )

The clinical RUBBER ASYLUM                                             88 Live Action Photos !

                                 - unique on a global level -

CLINIC 01 3500d 002

There is a new location exclusively for rubber treatments in HAMBURG - the clinical RUBBER ASYLUM !
The RUBBER ASYLUM - for the diagnosis and treatment of mild to very severe, also incurable diseases
on Morbus Rubber, also for very extreme and chronic forms of this condition !

> The rooms are air-conditioned - even severe rubber treatments in the heaviest multiple rubberizations are possible without any problems
even during the
hottest summer days! <

CLINIC 02 3500d 025

For the therapy of rubber patients and rubber objects, rubber trannies and rubber shemales, rubber subs and rubber masochists,
rubber men and rubber women...

For understanding introductory treatment of rubber beginners and newcomers
as well as for the strict professional training of hard-core rubber fetishists, for patients suffering from severe Morbus Rubber,
for Extreme HeavyRubber and tubing specialists !

The ASYLUM is available for RUBBER TREATMENTS  AND  online for RUBCAM SESSIONS !

You already know pictures of these premises from my WebCam offer RUBCAM - now here are more new pictures of the ASYLUM .

     It took a long time to finally get the official approval to operate the clinical RUBBER ASYLUM - but now everything is done,
     and from 01 January 2022, not only RUBCAM appointments but also RUBBER TREATMENTS can be carried out on patients at the ASYLUM !

     The ASYLUM is used EXCLUSIVELY by me and my rubber slut nurses for our joint rubber treatments.
     It cannot be rented to other persons.

     The ASYLUM is unfortunately NOT suitable for the treatment of patients hampered in walking (18 steps).

     As of 01 January 2022, the former Hamburg location "BDSM Hotel" will NOT be available anymore.

ASYLUM appointments are possible with me alone, your Rubber DOCTRESS, or together with one or two rubber slut nurses.
For their respective clinical specialisation SEE  My Rubber Sluts

CLINIC 03 3500d 026

For the soothing treatment of the symptoms of the different variants of Morbus Rubber, the incurable rubber disease,
there is not only a Rubber Doctress and her Rubber Nurses,
but also extensive clinical technology and infrastructure:

The Treatment Wing
     NEW:   the Rope Winch for Suspension Fixation for Psycho Treatments
     NEW:   the Love Swing
     the Fixation Gyn Chair for a thorough medical examination
     the Heavy Hydraulic Gyn Chair for fixed electro and respiratory training and breath reduction treatments
     the Heavy Clinical Metal Bed with Fucking Machine and for urine resuscitation and treatments
     the Heavy Treatment Chair with numerous equipment for the relentless treatment of rubber slaves and recalcitrant rubber patients
     the Fixation- and Punishment Trestle
     the Anal Trestle for strict proctological examination and treatments
     the Fixation Examination Lounger for diagnostics
     the Rubber Bed, with rubber bedding  (also for rubberized overnight stays!)
     the Rubber Vacuum Bed
     the Rubber Vacuum Bed for TWO persons! You and the rubber slut, with gas masks and corrugated hoses enclosed together in the rubber vacuum!

     the Rubber Therapy Bag for 2 persons (together with Rubber Slut Nurse!)
     the Venus 2000 Mliking Machine for effective erection treatment
     the Sybian Vibration Orgasm Machine for vaginal and anal forced orgasms
     the Isolation and Storage Box for particularly recalcitrant patients of the ASYLUM
     the EMS Device for indulgent electro-stimulation

     various Strong Vibrators for the treatment of male and female sexual hysteria,
     the Apple iMac with large 24" 5K HighSpeed monitor, with fast internet (also for viewing therapeutic XXX films during treatment!)
     the Elegant Leather Seating Area for breaks and relaxation
     the large Stand Mirror
     extensive Medical Accessories and numerous Toys
     the Punishment and Detention Cage for patients who have become conspicuous (soon)
     the Respiration Device for disciplinary HeavyRubber breath control for rubber patient objects (soon)
     the Anal Penis Penalty Stool for undiscerning patients (soon)
     the Vaginal-Anal Double Penis Bonus Stool for rewarding particularly committed Rubber Nurses (soon)

The Shower Bath
     tiled open shower throughout, with underfloor heating,
     also suitable for special urine treatments!

The Roof Terrace
     with Covered Heated Jacuzzi !, cosy Rubber Seating Corner, Sun Terrace, etc. 

The Lockable Locker
     for clothing and property of the patient.

The Rubber Fundus
     In the ASYLUM a part of my huge Rubber Fundus is available for my rubber patients, for my Rubber Slut Nurses and for me, your Rubber Mistress and
     Rubber Doctress.
     For rubber treatments in this location, the outfits for all participants no longer have to be planned in detail so that I can take them to the session -
     they are largely available on site! Short-term outfit decisions are therefore usually possible.
     What is not available on site will be brought to the ASYLUM if booked in time.

Overnight and Long-Term Bookings    
     The ASYLUM is also suitable for Overnight and Long-Term Treatments (overnight, 24/48/72 hours, Luxury Special).
     An overnight stay in a Rubber Bed is also possible !
     As a special, extremely effective therapy, the overnight stay in the rubber bed is also possible together with a fully rubberized Rubber Slut Nurse!

     Overnight stays of the guest at the location are only possible within the scope of a long-term booking (Overnight, 24/48/72 hours).
     A sole overnight stay of the guest in the location before or after a session is excluded.
     Renting the rooms outside of a treatment session is also not possible.

     A good and cheap hotel is within walking distance.

All Treatment Practices    
     which can be carried out at the RUBBER ASYLUM, see under Rubber Therapies.

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CLINIC 66 3517d 004

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CLINIC 84 3530d 206
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CLINIC 88 3517d 105

Hot hot hot...
in the heated outdoor jacuzzi with hot rubber women!

CLINIC 29 3522d 250 02
CLINIC 30 3522d 254 02
CLINIC 31 3522d 257 02

Ein Blick in den riesigen Gummi-Fundus der ANSTALT -
Natalia! weist ein neues Gummi-Luder in die vielfältigen Gummi-Outfits ein.

CLINIC 26 3511d 030

Gummi-Ärztin Natalia! M. und ihre Gummi-Ordens-Schwestern erwarten dich
in der klinischen GUMMI-ANSTALT !

CLINIC 04 3500d 224
CLINIC 05 3500d 220
CLINIC 06 3500d 196
CLINIC 07 3500d 204

CLINIC 08 3500d 201
CLINIC 09 3500d 187CLINIC 10 3500d 231

CLINIC 11 3500d 243
CLINIC 23 3500d 254
CLINIC 24 RC16 2.41.29
CLINIC 25 RC16 2.07.21
CLINIC 27 3511d 149
CLINIC 28 3511d 172 175

Und natürlich auch...

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