South-West Germany  (via airports STR Stuttgart, SXB Strasbourg, FKB Karlsruhe-Baden, HHN Frankfurt-Hahn, and others)


The Secret Rubber Clinic Gulag


   Experimental Rubber Clinic, Urine-Treatments Research Laboratory, Rubber Prison Gulag.

  Many very huge, very unique various rooms at a secret place.

  You'll be kidnapped and will disappear - and no one will know where you have been taken.
  The cruel Rubber Doctress and her depraved Rubber Nurses will subject you to their perverse experiments.
  The unique place for you undergoing your final rubber treatment.

  ONLY on Saturdays and Sundays.
  ONLY available for sessions up from 6 hours and longer, as well as for Overnight and maximum up to 36 hours.
  No sessions less than 6 hours, no longer ones than 36 hours.

  Timely appointment is mandatory.

  The location includes many different theme rooms.
  Here are some forst snapshots of some rooms - more pictures to follow!

  The Dungeon of the Gulag

  LKG 001 10063d 004nLKG 002 10063d 020nLKG 003 10063d 017nLKG 004 10063d 024nLKG 005 10063d 005nLKG 006 10063d 032nLKG 007 10063d 042nLKG 008 10063d 061nLKG 009 10063d 060nLKG 010 0063d 066nLKG 011 10063d 106nLKG 012 10063d 118nLKG 013 10063d 070nLKG 014 10063d 077nLKG 015 10063d 105nLKG 016 10063d 088nLKG 017 10063d 087nLKG 018 10063d 108nLKG 019 10063d 113nLKG 020 10063d 101n


  The Punishment- and Transformation- Laboratory

  LKG 021 10063d 001nLKG 022 10063d 051 02nLKG 023 0063d 180nLKG 024 10063d 184nLKG 025 10063d 188n LKG 026 10063d 208nLKG 027 10063d 205nLKG 028 10063d 217nLKG 029 10063d 210nLKG 030 10063d 211nLKG 031 10063d 214nLKG 032 10063d 223nLKG 033 0063d 221nLKG 034 10063d 228n







  The Interrogation Hall

  LKG 035 10063d 143nLKG 036 10063d 150nLKG 037 10063d 159nLKG 038 10063d 151nLKG 039 10063d 154nLKG 040 10063d 161nLKG 041 10063d 171 4n

  The Rubber- and Urine- Clinic

   LKG 042 10063d 269nLKG 043 10063d 262nLKG 044 10063d 255nLKG 045 10063d 273nLKG 046 10063d 287nLKG 047 10063d 283nLKG 048 10063d 285 02nLKG 049 10063d 272nLKG 050 10063d 275nLKG 051 10063d 288nLKG 052 10063d 289nLKG 053 10063d 300n






  The Shower Cell

  LKG 054 10063d 128nLKG 055 10063d 129nLKG 056 10063d 134n

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