Stuttgart  (via airport STR Stuttgart)


The Bizarre Mansion with Clinic

      This unique
rubber fetish venue is located in a private villa

      and consists of four separate rooms, which are quite different decorated and furnished -

      - the Blue BDSM Room

      - the Sado-Maso Clinic

      - the Torture Chamber

      - the Maids Boudoir
      Each space can be rented individually or together with another one.
      Also, the hiring of all the rooms together is possible, for example for a long-term appointment.

      This apartment also is available for overnights and for longtime-treatments.

      Here are photos and descriptions of each room:


   The Blue BDSM Room - one room with mit bathroom/toilet and kitchenette


      - poster bed (double bed)
      - wet room with toilet and shower
      - padded leather sling
      - Bondage chair with integrated knee and standing pillory
      - St. Andrews Cross
      - a soft Spanish horse

      This space has a "soft" atmosphere. Also particularly suitable for women and beginners ...

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   The Maids Boudoir - one room with bathroom/toilet and kitchenette


      - Stable double bed with multiple bondage options
      - padded sling board
      - St. Andrew's Cross
      - electrical hoist
      - elegant sitting area with dressing table for the rubberized ladies...

      Very elegant, like in a luxury hotel. The perfect setting for rubberized princesses...
      This space is ideal for rubber maids and rubber dolls,
      but like the Blue BDSM room also very suitable for women and beginners...

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   The Sado-Maso Clinic
- TWO rooms with bathroom/toilet and kitchenette


      - a very stable, wide metal bed (double bed) with superstructure for very many ways - even hanging bondage
      - mechanical lifting device (chain hoist)
      - St. Andrew's Cross
      - great stand-pillory
      - multifunctional field operating table with accessories
      - AND a toilet facility for toilet fans - almost like at a frivolous public toilets meeting ... the depraved rubberized loo-woman is already waiting for you ...

      This space is suitable for lovers of  toilet sex as well as for clinical SM fans.

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   The Torture Chamber - TWO rooms with bathroom/toilet and kitchenette


      - wide, comfortable double bed with a large superstructure (not shown here)
      - stable structure made ​​of heavy wood beams and posts with different and variable options
      - electric hoist
      - large solid stretching rack
      - padded sling board with hand and leg loops
      - slave chair with divided seat
      - floor-bondage rack

      This space is ideal for hard core bdsm fetishists...

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