Photo-Service with my rubber dates!



There is the possibility that at your rubber appointment

PHOTOS  or a  VIDEO  are taken !

Your very special recording wishes can now be fulfilled.

Haven't you always wanted to have professional large-format rubber pictures or a full HD video of you -
in your favourite outfits, together with me and a rubber slut, during your very loving or very strict,
perverted and uninhibited rubber treatment?

There are two options:

During our rubber appointment, I take occasional PHOTO shots myself on the side.

(most of the live photos during rubber appointments on my site were taken by myself - also pictures where I am shown myself!)

Photos are taken from time to time, but not all the time during the whole session - after all, I have more important things to do with your treatment....

This costs a small fee.


Our rubber date is accompanied by a young pretty dedicated professional camerawoman.

Optionally, at your request she will take PHOTOS or a VIDEO throughout the session.

The fee for the camerawoman is higher.

You will receive a data carrier with the material after our rubber meeting. Photos will be edited beforehand, the video material will be uncut.

Please observe:  for your use of these images, the rules under  "Copyright"  apply accordingly.


Further details as well as the costs on request please to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.