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  My Guests

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Sometimes I hear people say about me my guests are VIPs, celebreties, etc. only.
That is not true.
Rather, my guests are coming from all social levels and from all professions. They come from many countries around the world, some are using their business stay in Germany for a date with me, some are flying from Australia to Germany only for visiting me. There are very well-to-do guests but also people with a normal income, very well-known people, but also the man from the street.

Of course, for my rubber services I have to ask for a certain fee , but over and beyond that for me all guests are equally important and equally interesting for me, I make no distinction of social status or income.

Mainly my guests are male, but also many couples and even single women are booking me. Because I am bisexual, I love them all..
Only bookings of several men for one date I reject.

My guests are hetero or bisexual, „normal“ or transvestites, dom or sub, beginners *) or experienced rubber fetishists, and much more - I love to meet you all, and to give my time and attention to nearly all inclinations .
It is known that I myself am only "top“, i.e. dominant.

My guests - no matter which sexual orientation they do have - can book me alone, or together with one or two additional rubber women - a second Mistress, a Maid, a Sub...
These are like me independent escorts, which you can book separately to an appointment with me.

I almost meet all wishes of my guests - see My Rubber Therapies !

*)  Also beginners are very welcomed. It is not a conditon that you are already experienced in rubber fetish, the main thing is your true interest. Just leave it all to my naugthy rubber hands, my experienced well-rounded rubber body and my fetish character...

My guests are expecting and are getting refined rubber women with a civilized appearance, and same I may expect from my guests.
No drugs or alcohol before and during my session, no smoking in my location.