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My Rubber Sluts

GuL 01 10010d 21n
Additionally to me you can book one or two of my very well-trained  Rubber Assistants who will full of relish take up your rubber treatment.
Proud to be The Perfect Rubber Whores...

Rubber Dominatrixes, Domina Assistents, Dom Subs, Rubber Women, Rubber Sluts, Latex Maids, Rubber Nurses, Clinical Assistents, Rubber Slave Girls, Sub Sluts,...

Are you in need for an additional strict  Rubber Dominatrix for our session? Or shall your Rubber Mistress Natalia! treat you strictly together with her experienced naughty  Domina Assistent? Or do you like switchable  Dom Subs who on my order sometimes can be strict, sometimes obedient?  Or do you long for being dominated by a true and experienced Rubber Woman, an unrestrained Rubber Cunt? Or are you dreaming of being fucked by a willing wild unrestraint  Rubber Slut? Or are sweet dirty  Latex Maids your secret desire? Or do you need a practised and exceedingly sluttish  Rubber Nurse? Or an experienced  Medical Clinical Assistant for your chronical fetish complaints? Or to train a willingly obsequious Rubber Slave Girl? Or shall a perfectly trained Sub Slut share your existence as a rubber slave? Or...?

No problem - I have the right one for you!

CURRENTLY these Rubber Specialists are available - which one is your dream?

#16    The versatile rubber object for you! Passionate and lively, horny slim figure. Dom and Sub -
          the perfect switch who is into forced fixation and forced orgasm.

#26    Her profession: surgical nurse at the urology dept. of a hospital...! A very tall, very slim,
          heavily pierced 
rubber nurse who strictly and dirtily cares about the rubber patient.

#33    Rubber fetishist, tits fetishist, lively and spirited, wild and uninhibited!
          Your thoroughly depraved rubber-addicted, blowjob- and deepthroat- dream blonde!

#69    From the U.S.A.: from patrol cop to rubber slut! Lovingly but strict, caring and sexy but
          very bitchy - 
your rubber-addicted dom/sub Afro-American Beauty

#203  Very slim former model for oversize bras, dom/sub heavy rubber object with unbelievable
          huge breasts and most heavy labia piercings. Your extreme rubber dream!

What are there passions and specialties, what will they do with you, what can you do with them?
A long list of their general inclinations and skills you find under
Rubber Therapies
SPECIAL descriptions and photos of  each of them you find on their separate pages.
AND a short description at the bottom of this page !

You cannot book the rubber sluts on their own, only additionally to a session with me.

Me alone OR me together with one or two of my rubber sluts
you can book for:

- Rubber Sessions (up from three hours or longer)
- Rubber Specials
- Heavy Rubber Escort WITHOUT Kidnapping
ONLY  together with one (or two) of my rubber sluts
you can book me for:

- Rubber Sessions started with kidnapping
- Heavy Rubber-Escort WITH Kidnapping
- Rubber Courses (rubber dates for masochists)

  GuL 02 3306d 102n

Write me about your most secret desires, and I will select the right one for you!    



         Rubber sluts will be booked separately to me.
          The General Terms and Conditions of the Rubber Sluts

          as well as my GTC for the placement of rubber sluts by me to my sessions



W H I C H   R U B B E R   S L U T   I S   T H E   R I G H T   O N E   F O R   Y O U ?

(as of June 2023)

If you book me not alone, but together with one of my rubber sluts,
you're faced with the question: "Which one?"

It's hard to choose - they are all rubber-obsessed, bisexual, sex-addicted...

#16, #26, #33, #69, #203... Each one has different inclinations and preferences.

You can choose "your" rubber slut from the photos and the description on her page.
Or you can leave the choice to me! Write me your most secret inclinations, because the more I know about you and your
perverse fantasies, the better I can choose the right one for you!
However, you should then also write me which one is rather out of the question for you..

Here a brief overview:


#16 is "unfortunately permanently horny", as she says of herself, and adds self-deprecatingly "is that bad ?" :-)
She is a passionate and very direct Dom/Sub.

SEE her page  Rubber Slut #16

no16 063 3573d A006no16 068 3573d A011



Especially everything that has to do with fixations and bondage on the one hand,
and on the other hand with anal and forced orgasm, turns her on completely - actively and passively.
And also heavy rubber extremes and the heaviest rubberizations are her passion.

Body: 1.73 mtr, slim, bust firm and standing cup F-G,
big butt, long brown hair.
Shows her face also without a mask.

Availability for rubber appointments together with me:  
#16 is almost always available, even at short notice


#26 is an operating theatre nurse in urology by profession - and she considers that her personal vocation, too!
#26 is an anal and catheter slut. She is a urine-addicted, clinic-fetishistic rubber nurse nun..

SEE her page  Rubber Slut #26

no26 011 3311d 086nno26 081 3491d 037

And she is very heavily pierced between the legs.
If such a clinical rubber nurse is your dream, then she is the one!
#26 is waiting for you together with me, your Doctress Rubber, in the clinical RUBBER ASYLUM!

Body: 1.75 mtr, very slim model figure, bust cup E,
long legs, many tattoos.
Presents her breasts also naked.

Availability for rubber dates together with me:  
#26 is unfortunately only available for a few days each month for professional reasons,
and only with timely booking.

My #33, nicknamed "Hollywood", is the one for you if you are less into "kinky" rubber practices,
but more into "normal sex" in rubber with a stunning rubber woman.

SEE her page  Rubber Slut #33

no33 014 3540d 074no33 001 3540d 055


















#33 is horny for fucking, she is horny for blowjobs, she is horny for cum, she is the optimal fuck slut!
But don't be fooled by the word "normal sex" ! #33 is not only very attractive, she is wild,
she's uninhibited, she's completely "deep throat" uninhibited when it comes to the point!

Body: 1.70 mtr, very slim, bust cup G,
plump lips, blonde wild hair.
Shows her face also without a mask.
Presents her breasts also naked.

Availability for rubber dates together with me:  
#33 is almost always available, even at short notice


#69 is your exotic rubber dream! Rubber-crazy, sex-enthusiastic and switch, the former policewoman has made
her fetish dream to her profession: rubber slut!

SEE her page  Rubber Slut #69

no69 011 3534d 083no69 019 3534d 162


Very loving but also bitchy - #69 can be very strict and dominant, but also lustfully submissive.
#69 is the type of dream woman who is very devoted to you, who you would love to take home -
fully rubberized and very perverted in her very special exotic way...
A guest raved about her: "Oh, #69 is
so lovely with that cruel bitchy smile in her beautiful face..."
Body: 1.60 mtr, slim, bust cup D,
big firm butt, full plump lips, black hair.
Shows her face also without a mask.
Presents her breasts also naked.

Availability for rubber dates together with me:    
#69 is almost always available if booked early.


If you - apart from me, Natalia! :-) - are looking for an extreme rubber woman, then you are right with #203!
Very tall, very huge tits, heavily pierced vagina, heavily rubberized...

SEE her page  Rubber Slut #203

no203 028 13309d 15nno203 035 3309d 46n



#203 is the ultimate rubber object for lovers of most heavy rubber in combination with monster tits
and the heaviest piercing!
#203 says she lives in her own private heavy rubber universe, which she loves to share with us!

Body: 1.80 mtr (2 mtrs and more on platform high heels !), very slim,
bust cup M (!) with 14 kg (!) weight, long legs.

Availability for rubber dates together with me:    
#26 is unfortunately only available for a few days each month for professional and private reasons,
and only with timely booking.