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Female Guests

As guests I have single men, couples (male / female), also from time to a threesome (one man, two women - not vice versa),
and YES, also single women are sometimes my guests!


I am strictly bisexual, I like men and women equally,
and I LOVE it to have bisexual or lesbian women as my guests
(especially when they are rubberized... *)


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Based on my own bisexuality
I have a deep understanding of
female needs and desires.


Tell me
how you like it and how you need it -
tender or hard,
both corresponds with my nature.


The entire rubber service
which I offer
is of course also
available for women!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*)  If women in rubber fascinate you, but you don't know yet if rubber is the right thing also for you,
on our first date, you might as well be un-rubberized -
and I am your active rubber doll, your rubber lover, your rubber Mistress...

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