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My Rubber Service

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My bizarre rubber service is different.
It is also
differently organized than usually:

In order to provide my clients with the widest possible choice of locations,
I do NOT run an own "studio",
and I also do not sit weekly in this or that studio.

Rather my rubber appointments are taking place in premises which are each specially rented for your appointment only,
and in which we carry out your rubber appointment alone and undisturbed .

You can book me in various  cities and locations  of your choice -
in Hamburg as well as in other cities in whole (!) Germany.

You can meet me alone,
or together with one or two additionally and separately booked rubber women,

for sessions or courses, indoors or outdoors (see below),

for a wide variety of  Rubber Therapies or Rubber Treatments   according to your choice and taste...

Your Rubber Date with me will be your unique experience.
Before our appointment you will write me your wishes and preferences, ideas and fantasies -
no matter how "normal" or "perverse" they are - and I will carefully prepare our meeting individually only for you.

IMPORTANT for my foreign guests:.
We are talking about you booking me for fetishistic-sexual services. In opposite to most other countries is this, is prostitution in Germany on the whole FULLY LEGAL BY LAW! This is important for you to know if you are living in a country where prostitution is legally in a grey zone or even fully illegal. If you have any questions I will love to inform you more detailed about this matter.

Experience me in totally rubberized treatments:
Rubber Sessions.
In outstanding Rubber Sessions lasting several hours, Overnight Rubber Treatments or Longterm Rubber Care Iasting several days I realize my desire for rubber together with you - unique Rubber Therapies in various possible locations.
Details see  Rubber Sessions

Rubber Specials.
These are also Rubber Sessions, but to a very special topic -
Heavy Rubber, Rubber Prison, Transformation, Rubber Nuns, Rubber Hookers, Special for Couples, Outdoor Special, Luxury Special, and much more... See "Specials" !

Rubber Courses.

Special half- or full-day courses for true masochists.
Details see  Rubber Courses
Heavy Rubber Escort. 
Public presentation of the rubber object in most heavy rubberisation - depending on your inclinations in total tubing, in rubber bondage, on the leash, as a rubber doll with tits and on high heels, with remote controlled electrical training,... 
also possible with kidnapping by the strict rubber women!
Details see  Heavy Rubber Escort

Sophisticated Rubber Escort
Going out rubberized - in frivolous but  elegant rubber wear. Publicity, shopping, dinner, theatre, cinema, events - what you like!
Im am your elegantly rubberized, ladylike but secretly shameless compagnion. Also possible together with one of my unrestrained rubber slut beauties!
Also possible with kidnapping by hot rubber women!
Now - follow the navigation for getting acquainted with everything I am offering!

If you are a rubber fetishist, or if you are a beginner but seriously interested in rubber, you may apply for a treatment.

How to apply see  Contact .

See you soon!

Your  Natalia!