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Physically Disabled Guests

we are also available for the treatment of physically disabled patients.

We LOVE it - when they are subjected to us... :-)

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You are a rubber fetishist? You are hooked on rubber? You die for it? Great!

But you are physically disabled?
Why “but“? There‘s no “but“!

Disabled or not - my Rubber Sluts and I will love to meet & treat you - fully rubberized,
and appropriately to your needs!

Of course, depending on your kind of disability, their might be limitations, their might be things which have to be observed.
But this is not a problem, we will take care of your special needs!

Write me what you like, and write me about your disability.

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A young patient of mine who has asked me to make sure to put her picture on my website -
because with me she had the first orgasm in her life...

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