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Rubber Outfits

        Do you want me LIKE THIS...

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                                                                                          ...or LIKE THIS  ?

Natalia 01 3273d 37

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For my guests
- no matter if male, female or tv, if dom or sub , if "normal", extreme or depraved, and even for extremely small or large sizes -
as well as for me I am exceedingly and comprehensively equipped with various rubber outfits which are predominantly made-to-measure.
And also if you book yet another rubber woman to our rubber date, also for her are of course plenty of various rubber outfits available!

Exemplarily here are some key words to my countless rubber outfits -

cat suits and bodies, maids outfits and nurses uniformes, rubberizations for urine slave and toilet objects, bondage- and restriction-equipments, rubber dresses, tops and skirts, corsets and neck corsets, stockings and gloves, masks and tubing masks, gas masks and enforcement masks, piss pants and urine udders, multiple punishment rubberizations and accessoires, many many high heeled boots and shoes and ballet boots, and much more... there are many hundreds of parts.
Would I want to list everything in this section it would need several pages. My rubber equipment fills three densely packed rooms - stand to stand and shelf to shelf.

And of course also many colours are represented - strict black, dominant grey-black, strictly depraved transparent-black, perverse transparent-green, urinelike pissed-transparent, clinical white, sado-masochistic red, medical jade green, noble outfits in emerald green, etc.etc..

Before a rubber date of course you can express your wishes regarding the rubber outfits, and if any possible I will meet them.
Very often I even order new outfits before a date if some necessary or suitable parts are not available - at my expense, and if time allows... *)

Every date I prepare very carefully according to your wishes and needs.
Content, course, equipment and also the outfits will be agreed with you.
(exception: my courses. Like to whole course the outfits are underlying a fixed programme)

As well as all rubber treatments the fee for our date also includes all rubber outfits!
I do not make additional later claims in a date, niether for special treatments nor for special rubber outfits.

*) Should you have very special wishes for extraordinary outfits which I probably usually cannot use otherwise, there is the possibility that I order these too, on a basis of cost sharing 50/50.