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Rubber Sessions

GSs 01 3035d 02 03n In unique Rubber Therapy Sessions lasting several hours, Overnight Rubber Treatments and Longterm Rubber Care lasting several days I realise my desire for rubber together with you!

As your loving Rubber Dream Woman,  your decisive perverse Rubber Doctress, your strict depraved Rubber Nun, your extreme unrestrained Rubber Exhibitionist, your unrelenting merciless Rubber Disciplinarian  or as your adorable deviant Rubber Goddess - I am the fulfillment of your rubber fantasies!

For your treatment various locations are available!

At the session we all are rubberized - you as my guest, my rubber object, my rubber patient, my rubberslave, as well as me and the  rubber slut if in addition to me you want one to be with us.

My  rubber treatments  I prepare very carefully, following your wishes and needs. Timely before our date I send you some questions regarding your inclinations, the rubber outfits, etc.  As far as possible all your wishes and ideas will be met at our rubber date.

Your rubber dream comes true - maybe for the first time in your life... !

Rubber sessions
can e.g. be combined with  Heavy Rubber Escort !

Details of my treatments see Rubber Therapies .

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