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 That's Me - Natalia!

Your rubber dream comes true.

My name is Natalia! I am a woman who has dedicated her life to rubber.

Rubber is my real big passion. Rubber is my life. Without rubber I cannot live, without rubber I do not want to live.
I am looking back to an experience with rubber over many years, since I became 18. As a model, as an actress, and of course privately. Surely you know me from many rubber photos, maybe you have seen me on television in many feature films and reports.

I am wearing rubber passionately  - daily rubber wear, dresses and ball gowns, costumes and leisure wear as well as  complete heavy rubberizations, masks and tubed masks, catheter and tubings... it cannot be enough of rubber.
It is said that I am the Lady Gaga of rubber fetish. Well, I cannot sing - but I think my outfits are still more freaky ... :-)

My inclinations:
I am open for nearly all wishes and fantasies within the realm of rubber fetish, no matter if "normal" or very extreme. Beginners as well as "heavy rubber specialists" are welcomed.
I get my erotic kick when treating you my way!
Click on   Rubber Therapies !

My character:
I am active, decisive and dominant, but at the same time very understanding and sensible. I love to rubberize you and to grant you hours or days of unique and unforgettable rubber lust, I am addicted to all aspects of ultimate rubber passion.

My body:
My very female body fits perfectly to it. Huge spherical full breasts, a big firm bum, a hairless heavily pierced pussy - my rubberized body is made for bizarre lust, for fulfilling your rubber fantasies - lovingly or strict, soft or extreme, I love both.

I am multiply heavily pierced at the labiae.
My body is completely hairless, often also my head is!
I have spherical oversized bulging tits (cup H).
I have a well-rounded randy body which I rubberize as often as possible.
I wear perverse rubber masks, gasmasks and tubed masks -
        with breathing tubes, corrugated hoses, urine tubes, breathing balloons...
I die for wearing a urine catheter in my hairless rubberized pussy
        (that makes me extremely horny...), with a big urine bag between my rubberized legs.
I walk on killing high heels.

I am your loving tender RUBBER DREAM WOMAN,
your decisive perverse RUBBER DOCTRESS,
your strict depraved RUBBER NUN.
your extreme unrestrained RUBBER EXHIBITIONIST,
your stringent merciless RUBBER DISCIPLINARIAN.

I am your adorable RUBBER GODDESS.

Possible dates: 
on timely arrangement only - but generally on every day of the week and on weekends, too.
Together with me also one or two additional rubber women are available
whom you can book separately in addition to me - see  Rubber Sluts  !

Here are some pictures of me - more photos on the whole website! 

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