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Vanilla Sex

My website shows a lot about extreme rubber practices, about heavy rubber, special masks, rubber clinical treatments ...

But of course this is only one side of what we offer.

A guest asked me if I also offer "normal" sex in rubber outfits.

And another guest wrote me "Taboo resp. not of interest for me is in principle everything outside of what is listed on your website under ‘Loving & Sexual‘ “.

Okay !

I thought that it was clear from my website that I offer "from - to" -

from normal loving rubber sex to the most unusual practises and outfits.

Just experiencing the breathtaking feeling of rubber - on one‘s own and on foreign skin.

Perhaps also with a few "harmless" accessories like e.g. furry handcuffs,
but no "hard" or "dirty" practices.

Our (rubber) life does not only consist of "heavy" and "perverse" - and so I would like to emphasize once again
that our "rubber-repertoire" covers everything - from affectionate and loving to extreme and kinky.

With men, with women, with couples.

We love it...

Please note, however, that I myself, the Rubber Mistress, do not offer "vanilla sex" -
for this, the rubber sluts are available of whom you can book one (or two) separately and additionally to me,
and who will be very fond of having vanilla sex with you!

As a picture says more than a thousand words, here are many pictures on this subject, so many thousand words ...

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