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Heavy Rubber Escort

Hasn't it always been your dream being taken out for a walk heavily rubberized by your strict Rubber Dominatrix?

As my rubber object, rubber slave, rubber doll, rubber woman - in most heavy (enforced) rubberization, in rubber bondage, strictly kept on a leash, maybe with rubber tits and on high heels, tubed and wired, helplessly being at the mercy of the remote-controlled electrical training machine?

Shamelessly presented - the attention of the public will be guaranteed!
Especially women ( yes! altough it sounds hard to believe) will absolutely love you in your enforced rubberization, will like to know details, will want to touch your rubberized body - you will be the focal point, presented by your strict fully rubberized Mistresses.

Also possible with Heavy Rubber Escort is being kidnapped by bizarre rubber women! Abducted, compulsorily rubberized and enslaved in rubber - your most secret rubber dreams will come true!


Heavy Rubber Escort
can e.g. be combined with a subsequent rubber session !

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