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          You are kidnapped!
          A very exciting way to start your unique rubber experience with us rubber women! 

          "Unsuspecting" you are walking the streets, and suddenly you are abducted by the heavily rubberized Mistress and her uninhibited rubber maid,
          or by the perverse rubberized Mother Superior of a secret rubber order and her lusty rubberized nun!

          Passers-by look horrified, but no one comes to your aid, and suddenly the streets are empty.
          Nobody knows anything, nobody has seen anything...

          The rubber women carry you off to their vehicle and take you to a secret place where they shamelessly have their perverse fun with you.
          As their defenseless rubber object, you are helplessly exposed to their whims and passions.

          Compulsorily rubberized, enslaved in rubber, exposed to unspeakable rubber therapies and dominated by rigorous rubber women -
          your most secret rubber dreams come true!

*)  Kidnapping is not possible in any city.

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