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 The Balloon Special (Looners)


Do you know what looners are?

The word comes from "balloons" - looners are people who are totally into rubber balloons, into sex with rubber balloons.
So a very special species of rubber fetishists.

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Whether colourful and sexy...

Balloons 02
...or cool and elegant...

Balloons 03 3560d 065
...or very bizarre and rubber perverted...

Balloons 04 3560d 046
...there are very many varieties of the looner rubber fetish.

What is so special about rubber balloons? Well - like everything about the rubber fetish, this inclination is hard to explain.
You have it or you don't.

For true rubber fetishists, they are definitely a step up - rubber-smooth, rubber-bouncy, rubber-horny...
Big plump balloons feel like a woman's big, firm, rubberized rear end, like oversized, even huge, plump, smooth rubberized breasts...
It is sooo horny to smooch and to lick a bulging rubber balloon -
and man or woman can wank so wonderfully with a plump rubber balloon...

Balloons 05 3560d 053

There is also a lot of a looner in me, I can understand this fetish very well,
and my rubber slut #203 with the oversized tits (cup M !!)
and I with my not so big darlings (cup H) have a lot of fun
doing it with / among / under many horny plump black rubber shiny balloons with each other.
Sometimes, in the heat of our love play, we can hardly tell the difference
between big rubber balloons and big rubberized tits... :-)

Whereby sometimes it almost doesn't matter - after all, we are passionate rubber fetishists!!! -
whether we just do it with the rubberized firm butt or the plump breasts of the other, or with plump rubber balloons -
with closed eyes the unbelievably wonderful feeling is almost the same...

Balloons 06 3402d 21

By the way - another variation of looners are poppers. These are people who literally get off
on banging rubber balloons, i.e. letting them "pop".
For a real looner, however, this is a real horror...!

Balloons 07 3560d 137

Would you like to be excited by big rubber balloons and balloon-sized rubberized tits?

When do we see you for your rubber-horny balloon experience?
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