The Group Treatment Special


GTS 001 3548d 111WHAT IS THIS?

Basically like a session with you alone, where you can book either me alone
or me and one or two of my rubber sluts.
The session lasts 4 hours.


The group session does not take place with you alone,
but with 6 guests at the same time -
and there are 6 rubber women present!!
So myself and five rubber sluts.


Not only one or two, but alternately
SIX rubber women take care of you,
partly with several women at the same time on one guest. 

Although there are 6 rubber women, the fee for the whole session is
than if you book alone.


Only in the unique retro-clinical RUBBER ASYLUM in HAMBURG,
including the roof terrace with whirlpool


The next Group Treatment Special is scheduled for
Thursday 12 October 2023
Start at 14:00h
Participation ONLY with very timely booking! 


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The first Group Treatment Special

took place in April 2023 - and it was a huge success!

It was a hilariously sexy rubber party -
my guests, the rubber objects, and we rubber women had a blast.

In future, I will organise the Group Treatment Special at least twice a year,
maybe more often.

The dates will be announced in good time here on this page,
in my monthly "Latest News"
and in my monthly NEWSletter .


GTS 008 3548d 013

Present were six guests
and six rubber women -

my #16, #33, #69, #203, als Gast-Domina Calea Toxic, und ich selbst, Natalia!

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GTS 012 3548d 208  

As a little THANK YOU
to all participants for a really successful rubber party,
and as a suggestion for future Group Specials

I show the most beautiful pictures on this page,
85 photos in total!!

GTS 013 3548d 170

As in a usual session
in the Group Special all rubber objects are treated according to their inclinations - 
but by SIX rubber women!

A unique experience. Every rubber woman is different, has different preferences, has different sexual inclinations, has a different body,
different beautiful breasts, smells different, speaks different, acts different - sometimes dom, sometimes sub,
is differently rubberized, is bizarre rubber-masked or openly shows her beauty...

GTS 014 3548d 137GTS 015 3548d 311

GTS 016 3548d 149
GTS 017 3548d 257
GTS 018 3548d 224GTS 019 3548d 157

Would you like to take part in the next Group Treatment Special?

Then write to me NOW (and not just before the event!!)
and request my INFO!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GTS 020 3548d 051

My guest K.S. is overwhelmed by the April 2023 group event:

Of course I had my thoughts beforehand, but they were all exceeded.
It was simply indescribable.
I don't have enough positive adjectives to describe my sensations.
The sounds, the smells, the whole ambience was to die for.

Thank you so much for creating this event.
The whole event had pure addictive potential.

It was difficult for me to return to "normality".
Even now the impressions are overwhelming.

GTS 021 3548d 178

And M.S. writes just as effusively:

This unique experience still resonates with me...
Heaven, it was bizarre and beautiful at the same time!
I had a huge joy to SEE it all! fact, watching was as beautiful to me as TOUCHING !
Crazy !
I was allowed to XXX the XXX of three of your rubber sluts!!!
It was a dream come true!
In any case, I am grateful & happy that I was allowed to be there.
Well, after this experience I would actually want to be there again and can then also imagine "more",
but more on that another time.

GTS 022 3548d 203

And also my rubber sluts were simply thrilled by our small but extremely horny rubber party.
They will all be very happy to join us again next time!

I love you all - Calea, #203, #69, #33, #16, you are great horny sexy rubber women!

GTS 023 3548d 162

It gives me great pleasure that with the Group Treatment Special
I have obviously brought something very special to life,
which I will be very happy to organize again several times a year in the future..

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