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 The Heavy Rubber EXTREME Special

HRE 01 3403d 035HRE 02 3403d 033

The ultimate enhancement


Rubber women encased in multilayer
heavy rubber!

First, skin-tight rubberizations of the whole
and over it thick protective suits
made of 2mm strong latex 

with the typical strong smell of
industrial rubber!

With heavy gas masks, tubings, corsage,
rubber boots...


HRE 03 3403d 038

Putting on these heavy rubber suits is not that easy - but then, being encased in these rubber skins
is the ultimate rubber pleasure for the true heavy rubber fetishist!

HRE 04 3403d 056HRE 05 3403d 065HRE 06 3403d 048

Only in the crotch, in front of the giant rubberized breasts and in front of the rubber masked face can these protective suits
be opened for strict and unforgiving HEAVY RUBBER EXTREME treatment if required -
heaviest rubberized plump female bodies overwhelm you with their lust.

HRE 07 3403d 057HRE 08 3403d 087

Are you into real HEAVY RUBBER?

Do you dream of being treated and dominated by EXTREME HEAVY RUBBER women?
Your dream comes true!

HRE 09 3403d 117HRE 10 3403d 079

HEAVY RUBBER EXTREME with the Frau Doctress and her rubber nurse..

 HRE 11 3403d 124

... HEAVY RUBBER EXTREME with the Frau Headmistress and her rubber nun...

HRE 12 3403d 093HRE 13 3403d 102HRE 14 3403d 132

... HEAVY RUBBER EXTREME with the Rubber Mistress and her rubber slave...

HRE 15 3396d 199HRE 16 3396d 204HRE 17 3396d 207

... HEAVY RUBBER EXTREME with the Educatress and her rubber sub...

HRE 18 3396d 214HRE 19 3396d 201HRE 20 3395d 29

...or simply HEAVY RUBBER EXTREME in a loving and tender way.

HRE 21 3403d 147

When my rubber slut #7 and I put on these suits for the first time and strapped them to our rubber bodies,
plus heavy gas masks, tight corsage and chic rubber boots,
we did it first... okay, that's another topic !
In any case, it was very difficult for us to take off our rubberizations again sometime afterwards!

HRE 22 3395d 33HRE 23 3403d 146HRE 24 3396d 234

The feeling of double layer rubberization on the skin
- heavy skintight rubber all over the body, and heaviest thick wide industrial rubber over it -
is indescribably exciting.

HRE 25 3396d 228HRE 26 3396d 225HRE 27 3396d 244

We rubber women are all into rubber,
but this was also a very special new experience for us,
which we will repeat very often!

Together with you?!

 HRE 28 3403d 157HRE 29 3403d 164

Of course, we're "accessible" in these heavy rubber suits with zippers -
where else would the fun go?  :-)

HRE 30 3403d 168HRE 31 3403d 166HRE 32 3403d 196 02

Only if rubber sub has to be punished, the zip remains closed!

HRE 33 3403d 203

She must then make a lot of effort to satisfy her Rubber Mistress,
to unlock her zip again!

HRE 34 3403d 173HRE 35 3403d 181

And what does the sophisticated rubber lady wear under her heavy rubberization?
For example a tight abdominal belt with thick vaginal and anal dildos!
And over that?
Of course a dildo for her and him!

HRE 36 3403d 223HRE 37 3403d 229

Once the suit over it is locked, the rubber woman is aroused with every step, with every movement,
without her being able to do anything about it... !

HRE 38 3403d 220HRE 39 3403d 251












These protective suits are also perfect for the common tubing - only the air I exhale the rubber slut is allowed to inhale!

HRE 40 3403d 232HRE 41 3403d 245HRE 42 3403d 273

A common walk of the very special intimate kind.

HRE 43 3403d 267 02

We like it - we LOVE IT !
We are waiting for you - lustfully enclosed in the heaviest multiple rubber layers...!

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HRE 44 3403d 302HRE 45 3403d 278