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The Luxury Special

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My LUXURY SPECIAL is your unique experience.

LUX 04 3283d 120n Elegant and perverse, sophisticated and dirty.

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                                                                                                  With unrestrained, bisexual, lustfully rubberized women.


LUX 10 3218d 90n


As you know, my Rubber Service has always been "all inclusive" -
but with my Luxury Special my offer is still more comprehensive!

I organize your entire stay,
you do not have to look after any details!  

One or two or three days and nights you will be looked after and will get
worked up by your Rubber Mistress Natalia! and one of my rubber sluts.

  No matter whether you are booking a 24-, 48- oder 72-hours rubber date,
without or with Sophisticated- or HeavyRubber-Escort -
so no matter how our rubber meeting looks in detail
and at which location it will take place.

Only your flight you still have to book on your own. -
my "Rubber Airlines" are still under construction... :-)

You've got to spoil yourself sometimes -
  unique Rubber Dream Holidays for one or for several days,
  in Hamburg, "the most beautiful city of the world",
  the "Venice of the North", or in any other German city.

Tell me your most secret dreams!
Write me your ideas how your perfect rubber stay should be like,
accompanied by shamelessly elegant Rubber Women!!
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LUX 11 10032d 035n

Your rubber treatments, lovingly or strict, dirty or perverse,
will entirely depend on your wishes and needs.

What is possible, you can find under
My Rubber Therapies


A.o., my Luxury Special includes:

  - myself, Natalia!,

  - AND one of my uninhibited Rubber Fuck Slut

          (I will select the right one for you!)

  - AND my Rubber Maid - scandinavian, blonde, breathtakingly sexy
         (for our service - but not for sexual services)        

  - beginning of our long-term rubber appointment at any time of the day

  - my rubber slut and I will pick you up at the airport arrival
          (we will be elegantly rubberized - if you dare to be seen with us like
          this... :-)

  - transfer by personal limousine service, with a rubberized female driver.
          During the ride you will get to know me and my rubber slut rubberskin-
          close In the back of the limousine...
          Hot rubber women greet you warmly and are with you from the very first
          moment - no stress of travelling to a foreign city.

  - also, if you want, iimousine service during your whole stay.
          We will also bring you to your business dates - if you like us to...

  pre-booking and -payment of our accomodation, a suite in a 5-star hotel,
          or, if you like, of a bizarre fetish location.
          You do not have to check in on your own, everything is arranged,
          we rubber women have already checked in.
          We bring you to our suite where your rubber adventure is waiting for you...
          several huge suitcases filled with our indecent rubber equipment
          are already on the suite.

  - several extended fully rubberized perverse rubber treatments
          over many hours!
          As with my regular sessions, you can choose all details of your
          rubber treatments.
          But, we won't overstrain you, it ought to be rubber holidays for you!
          If in between you do need a break, we will care for your appropriate
          We rubber women will be around you and will be rubberized all the time.
          We will be tender or strict, very lovingly or through and through perverse -
          exactly the way you need it!

  - sufficient sleeping time for all of us - you may sleep rubberized, also in a
          rubber bed, if you want to! You can sleep alone (so you actually get some
          or,  the whole night together with my rubberized slut
(in that case you will probably will only get little sleep...).

  - the rubber therapies may be (but this is not a must!) interrupted by
          "Heavy Rubber Escort" - fully rubberized in public, masked and tubed,
          also in rubber bondage or at the leash - as it is adequate!
          (in Hamburg only)

  - catering on the location (rubberized breakfast and lunch on the suite)
          as well as restaurant visits according to my choicel - we rubber women
          of course always being rubberized. Thus, "High Class Latex Escort"
          is included.

  - on request, also organisation of spa appointments and other events -
          let me know what you expect from a perfect and unforgettable (rubber)
          experience! Maybe going with us to the opera - in evening dresses made
          of rubber

  - and even more unusual wishes I will like to realize as long as they are
          within the 
realms of possibility (additional costs may incur).
          "Proud to be the perfect Rubber Whores" - it makes us happy to make you

  - the next day(s) again rubber treatments, until unfortunately we will have to
          bring you back to the airport...


- we take care of you and your needs for the entire time,
           fully rubberized, from arrival till


  - If you must perceive business appointments in the meantime, we rubber
          women will wait for you- fully rubberized, and, be sure, we will spend
          our time with lesbian rubber sex, for keeping us constantly horny for

          When you return you probably will find us at a hot rubberized love play,
          and you can immediately join us again...

  - all details of your stay and your treatments can be planned, agreed and
          prepared jointly -
          or you leave the whole thing to me, to my experience and to my most
          depraved imagination...!

   My Luxury Special is total rubber holidays for you - two breathtaking  
  rubber women will care for you day and night...

We fulfill your secret desires.

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In an atmosphere of decadent shamelessness.

LUX 17 3283d 028n

We will overwhelm you with our lust.

LUX 18 3284d 091 2nNataliasLilie KonturLUX 19 3275d 93n

 We love it.

LUX 20 3306d 146 ENG 03n

A extremely indecent stay in luxurious surroundings.

LUX 21 3317d 143 11n


 LUX 22 3121d 097n

A quite exceptional rubber vacation.

LUX 23 3317d 172 2n

Perverse Rubber Life of the noble kind.

LUX 24 3317d 195n

Luxury Rubber Life -
the perfect bed compagnion!

LUX 25 3309d 22n