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The Outdoor Special

Are you a rubber exhibitionist?
Or do you just find it awesome, to go outside in Heavy Rubber ?
Would it be your dream to live on "Planet Rubber" where heavy rubber outfits are the rule?

:-)   Well, this planet hasn't been discovered yet,
but then we - you, me, and my rubber sluts - have the same inclination,
and we will be happy to realize "Heavy Rubber Outdoors" together with you!
The Outdoor Special is only available in HAMBURG.
Of course it can be combined with a rubber session or with any other special.
Often my guests wish a detailed "Outdoor Special" as a foreplay to the rubber treatment on location!

(the following 69 (!) photos are composed of several dates with different guests)

For example, we rubber-women pick you up by car directly at Hamburg airport (yes, we also offer this service!),

off to the hotel or bizarre location, and after to your rubberization according to your species
(how do you need it? In chains? With tubings? With tits and on HighHeels?)
we start right away with the first walk !

OUT 01 3265d 64nOUT 02 2796d 01 06nOUT 03 2796d 39n

At the beginning you will be still a little nervous, but we are with you.  We've done this many times before, we like and we LOVE it!

OUT 04 2836d 49n



Of course people look - some are stunned, some are amazed or amused, some even with a horny interest.
But that's what makes it so appealing!
And especially women (Yes! Believe me!) want to see and know everything very precisely!

OUT 05 3179d 358nOUT 06 2965d 039n

Some people shake their heads, but the reactions of passers-by are mostly positive.

OUT 07 3179d 087nOUT 08 3179d 139nOUT 09 3179d 256n

Often it also happens that we are approached (only by women! Men don't dare!), to whom we have to explain everything very precisely -
what is that (latex), aha! Why do we wear this (because we find it awesome!), ooops!

OUT 10 2796d 25nOUT 11 2796d 04n

Walking in a total rubber outfit between "normal" people - for many of my guests,
who can experience this for the first time with me, a lifelong dream becomes true.

OUT 12 10032d 035n

Of course we also take pictures of us on the way - and it can also happen that in the red light district whores from a bar
come running, for questioning us enthusiastically. Professional jealousy? Nil!

OUT 13 2408d 54nOUT 14 2883d 08nOUT 15 2883d 01n

A snack and cool drinks in between, and also the Anatolian chef remains astonishingly calm at the sight of us -
he's probably seen quite other things as well.

OUT 16 2836d 42nOUT 17 2965d 053n

An exciting stroll through the city, with much tenderness and affection, with a big-city flair,
and with drivers who have to make an effort to stay on track at the sight of us...

OUT 18 3230d 42nOUT 19 3299d 147nOUT 20 3299d 087n

What if it rains on our rubber trip? Well, hopefully, after all, we're fully rubberized,
that's better than any sou'wester, and the raindrops cool us pleasantly.

OUT 21 10012d 078nOUT 22 10004d 26n

Almost a nuisance (but this is not meant seriously) are all the people who want to photograph us.
Japanese tourists, Dutch travel groups, German bowling clubs on Redlight Tour -

OUT 23 10004d 28n

- they all need pictures to be able to tell at home what they have seen in unbelievable sinful Hamburg
("you can't imagine! But, here, I'll show you the photos!")

OUT 24 2836d 29nOUT 25 3299d 140n

And of course the sailors from all over the world, from the Philippines and from China,
who have to take pictures of us so that they are believed not to tell the story of a sailor's yarn!

OUT 26 2965d 120nOUT 27 2965d 099n

Taking a break from time to time, for smooching and for relaxing your feet. If you're not accustomed to high heels, it can be quite exhausting!
Then it goes barefoot into the green (at least HE - we rubber women are used to it and would never take off our awesome high heels!)

OUT 28 3230d 21nOUT 29 2434d 56nOUT 30 10006 36n

A unique experience - a walk in the green with horny women in Heavy Rubber !
Oh, if we never had to take off our rubberizations again !

OUT 31 10004 60nOUT 32 10006 38n

"Mirrors mirrors on the wall, we are the most beautiful in the whole country!"
And as a reward, the rubber slave is allowed to massage the booted feet of his fully rubberized mistresses.

OUT 33 2965d 048nOUT 34 2965d 135n

Heavy Rubber has a very special appeal with gas masks, of course - in fact, it's a must-have!
Rubber mistress and rubber slave object in partner look!

OUT 35 2796d 42n

And the real hardcore rubber fan is taken out with a breathing apparatus.
Breathing air is only available from the bottle - unless the rubber lady turns the valve off a bit.
But with that, she only does the rubber object a favour if it is totally focused on breath reduction...

OUT 36 2423d 045nOUT 37 2423d 018nOUT 38 2423d 011n

Even such a "perverse" excursion can have a romantic touch, with a trip to the Port of Hamburg,
and with a visit in a nice café.
(How can you drink with these heavy masks? Yes, we can)

OUT 39 2423d 025nOUT 40 2423d 079n

The attention of the passers-by is certain - the heavier we are rubberized, masked and tubed,
all the more!

OUT 41 2423d 055n

Even the hard rocker says "Please, please!" because he absolutely wants to have a photo with us on his Harley
and the young Turks whistle enthusiastically for us from their car,
while my guest is passionately snogging with my rubber slut.

OUT 42 2965d 251 01nOUT 43 10032d 095n

Yeah - and here's an excursion in my special breathing rubber suit.
Who wants to see more and to understand the function :
here's a video about it!
Please search under this link for the clip "Natalia!"

OUT 44 3180d 065nOUT 45 3180d 060nOUT 46 3180d 001n

Yes, but - is it actually allowed to go public in such heavy rubber outfits?
Well, sure enough. After all, we are in sinful but liberal Hamburg, and especially in the red light district of St. Pauli
no one cares about it.

OUT 47 3180d 067nOUT 48 3180d 047n

But, more importantly, we don't do anything forbidden, nothing really offensive.
And even the patrolmen, the tough guys from the David's guard on St. Pauli,
don't even frown at our sight.

OUT 49 3180d 049n

Of course, we can also go out at night!
The curious (and photographing!: -) tourist hordes will then become no less though,
but of course it has its very special charm to experience the "sinful quarter" at night -
fully rubberized!!

OUT 50 2971d 037nOUT 51 2971d 036n

Some of the bouncers already know us (and want to lure us into their establishments with the overpriced drinks),
but we know where we can go and where we'd rather not go,

OUT 52 2971d 107nOUT 53 2441d 66n

and a visit to one or the other bar is almost part of the obligatory program.
On request also in a transvestite bar!

OUT 54 2971d 104nOUT 55 2971d 102nOUT 56 3000d 54n

And fortunately, the shops in St. Pauli are open for a long time.
Shopping in a High Heels Boutique, or in the latex sex shop, for the incontinent rubber slave object
a matching diaper pants has to be selected!

OUT 57 2971d 129nOUT 58 2971d 015n

Well, and even the domestic duties need not be neglected.
Also the launderettes are open for a long time.
For what you can use a rubber slave after all!

OUT 59 2965d 239n

And of course it is also possible to explore "The Kingdom of Evil",

OUT 60 3197d 023nOUT 61 3233d 046n

i.e. the red light district, together with us rubber women not as a heavy rubber object, but as a rubber doll!

OUT 62 3264d 170nOUT 63 3233d 024nOUT 64 3233d 015n

We will gladly equip you with a total rubber doll outfit,
and also for this trip we have all possibilities - bars, shopping, and much more.

OUT 65 3233d 022nOUT 66 3233d 035n

Isn't she sweet, the Manga Doll, helplessly imprisoned in total rubber?

OUT 67 3197d 029nOUT 68 3197d 040n

But that's another subject,
see also my "Transformations Special" !

OUT 69 3197d 017n

Would you like to experience that?

Gladly!  Write to me:

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