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The Rubber Clinic Special

The clinical rubber fetish

is a disease that affects both men and women, and to this day 

 I'm afraid there's no cure for it...


Above all this may also be due to the fact that rubber patients do not want to be cured at all!

Indeed the typical rubber patient is periodically visiting the Frau,
the female rubber specialist - some patients can also be admitted to a rubber clinic for a longer period of time -
and describes her his suffering in detail. The responsible Rubber Doctress will record an exact anamnesis,
i.e. the collection of the patient's medical data, make a diagnosis of exactly what the rubber patient is suffering from,
and then adjust the treatment to the specific needs.



The rubber patient expects and receives an effective and exceedingly extensive treatment. But it lies in the essence of this suffering,

that every rubber therapy by the strict Frau Rubber Doctress and her assistant, the slutty Rubber Nurse, does alleviate the symptoms in the short run
(symptoms that are similar to severe withdrawal symptoms if treatment is not given for a longer period of time), but in the long term they have the opposite effect:

through every new rubber treatment the rubber patient becomes more and more addicted, he craves for always new, always different,
more and more extreme rubber therapies...


The Frau Rubber Doctress will therefore always come up with new, more sophisticated treatment measures, which unfortunately are still only more

deepening the suffering of the rubber patient... Hence:

Nurse, Be Worse ! 

A beautiful expression and rhyme that says it all. We know what is meant.
The patient longs for a consequent Rubber Doctress who takes care of his rubber disease professionally and intransigently,
with a spoiled and unrestrained Rubber Nurse by her side...


A typical symptom of this disease is also the fact that rubber patients are often have to be kept safely in the clinic
(especially during long-term stays) and  must be absolutely fixed during the treatments.
Only then will the therapeutic measures taken be effective!

Of course it is only a coincidence when these necessary measures go together with a submissive or masochistic basic attitude of the patient,
when the rubber-clinical treatment becomes the longed-for maltreatment, when the rubber-patient is longing for it
that the Rubber Doctress and the Rubber Nurse should treat him strict and even more strictly!

Because unfortunately rubber patients are sometimes a bit unruly, and then the proven therapy is:

Nurse, Be Worse !


The treatments in detail can be very different 

and are completely oriented to the needs of the patient, such as urological therapies, intestinal measures, gastrointestinal healing methods,
respiration procedures, vacuum therapies, electrical applications, pain therapies, libido training through milking pump procedures,
long-term clinical care in Heavy Rubber, and many other guaranteed effective methods!

The night nurse lovingly takes care of the patient in an exemplary manner even when he is in a very strict nightly custody, e.g. through vacuum storage -
and then on the next day all the more consistently carries out the further necessary treatments!


Also a (long-term) treatment under permanent strict confinement

is sometimes necessary! The immobilisation or fixation can be an important and necessary part of the treatment if the rubber patient has the appropriate disposition

- be it for physical or psychological reasons !
Especially unruly patients must be immobilized and treated consistently according to the diagnosis made by the experienced Frau Gummi-Doktor.


The degree of intensity of the applied rubber therapies

depends on the severity of the rubber patient's disease.
If the symptoms are only mild and new, the treatment is carried out with precaution and care,
but in the case of a morbus that has been present for a long time and with severe symptoms, it is possible and necessary that
the therapies are applied strictly, stringently and rigorously, so that a treatment success occurs at all!

Also the appropriate therapeutic rubberization of the patient depends entirely on the requirements of the treatment -
from a light rubber treatment outfit to, in severe cases, heaviest and multiple forced rubber layers and strictest rubber bondage
to support the therapeutic measures !


Leave the treatment of your rubber morbus to experienced specialists -

go into the care of the rubberized hands of the Frau  Rubber Doctor and her rubber-clinical nurse !


Follow the Rubber Nurse

to unspeakable clinical treatments...


Do you urgently need a rubber specialist therapy

by Frau Natalia! M. and her experienced Rubber Nurse?

Write me !

Tell me about your complaints and symptoms !
I will prepare your rubber therapy and will make a special individual treatment appointment with you
for treating your suffering!

Arrange a therapy appointment!

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-   A not entirely serious consideration… (or maybe yes… ? :-)  -

Do you suffer from an irresistible addiction for rubber, for women dressed in tightly clinging clinical rubber,
for medical rubber treatments by strict rubber nurses?

Then you suffer from "Morbus Rubber", from the rubber disease ( Morbus - latin "illness" ) !
But do not despair -
Help is on its way!

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The strict Frau Natalia!M. and her wicked Rubber Nurses will take care of you and your urgent rubber-medical needs!

Write to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and describe your symptoms detailedly to the Frau Doktor,
including your indecent dreams which are caused by the Rubber Disease!

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As the first step, she will make a remote diagnosis of your R.D.,
and will then put together an effective therapy especially designed for you.

As the second step, she will arrange place, date & duration with you for your urgently needed R.D. treatment,
performed by the Frau Doktor and one of her highly specialized Rubber Nurses.

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Do not hesitate any longer! Every delay makes your R.D. worse!
At this stage of your illness you need quick professional help to exacerbate your rubber addiction - uh, eh, I mean, of course, to treat it effectively…
Nurse, Make It Worse!

Place yourself trustingly in the experienced hands of the vigorous and resolut Frau Doktor and her wicked horny Rubber Nurse.

P.S. Of course also rubber nurses occasionally require consistent rubber medical treatment.
If you feel called to do so, the Frau Doktor will be very happy to perform this with your assistance!

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(these pictures have been taken at different rubber sessions in different locations)