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 The Cuckold Special


W H A T    I S    T H E   I N C R E A S E   o f   a   " L E S B I A N "   R U B B E R   W E D D I N G  ?
                                                                                            ( see "The Rubber Wedding Special" )

T h e   " L E S B I A N "   C U C K O L D   S P E C I A L  !!

JEALOUSLY WATCHING your rubber sweetheart, the one adored in rubber,

being married by another "lesbian" rubber bride -


RWS2 001 Marcia

My dear "lesbian" guest MARCIA

is only too happy available for a "Cuckold" - wedding with one of my rubber sluts and with you -

either as a happy "lesbian" bride (and you are the jealous cuckold victim),

or vice versa you as the "lesbian" rubber bride and Marcia has to watch jealously...

(the distribution of roles is a matter of agreement)

RWS2 002 MarciaRWS2 003 Marcia

The four (or five) people present at the kinky rubber wedding:

I, Natalia!, as the Lady Superior of the Order of the Rubber Women and as the Rubber Priestess who performs the marriage ceremony

One of my rubber sluts (your choice) as the lesbian rubber bride,

You either as the "lesbian" bride/groom, or as athe cuckold victim,

as well as Marcia in the reverse role as cuckold victim or "lesbian" bride/groom.

And of course a wedding photographer girl, if desired.

RWS2 004 Marcia

By the way - it is said to have already happened,

that the lesbian rubber bride, the "lesbian" groom and the "lesbian" cuckold victim...

after the wedding ceremony... well you know... Ménage-à-trois...

RWS2 005 MarciaRWS2 006 Marcia

...whereby I then, of course, cannot resist completing the trio into a quartet with loving rubber rigour... !

RWS2 007 MarciaRWS2 008 Marcia


Does such a scenario make you horny?!?!

You can experience it! YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IT!

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