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 The Rubber Wedding Special


P I C T U R E S   O F   A   " L E S B I A N "   R U B B E R   W E D D I N G

A dear guest of mine and one of my rubber sluts
- my "lesbian" "Marcia" and my depraved bisexual rubber slut #16 -
have "married" - well, at least for one day!

Or forever? For a life together in rubber?! Who knows!

2022.12 05 3537d 0032022.12 06 3537d 006

The bride Marcia all in virginal white in a gorgeous wedding dress,
and the groom #16 in her favourite dress,
her urine-yellow (which is not only because of the colour of the latex!!) rubber-rustling nun-like festive rubber.

2022.12 07 3537d 089

Actually, the ceremony should have taken place in a rubber church -
but as it was absolutely necessary to check Marcia's anal virginity before the ceremony.
(#26 is totally into anal practices, and she would have refused to marry Marcia had she not been still untouched there!)
the examination and wedding ritual were conveniently moved to THE ASYLUM in Hamburg.

2022.12 08 3537d 0242022.12 09 3537d 025

What a beautiful bride and groom! The bride Marcia is passionately addicted to the rubber woman #16, the confessing and practizing
not only of the anal, but also of the urine cult, passionately addicted!

2022.12 10 3537d 029

I was quite touched by this beautiful rubber bride and groom,
and I, as as well as the Lady Superior, as priestess of the Secret Order of Rubber Women,
have c arried out both the highly embarrassing rubber-clinical anal examination of the rubber bride, Marcia,
as well as the subsequent wedding ceremony joyfully and lustfully.

2022.12 11 3537d 0522022.12 12 3537d 028

Marcia had to prove to her new lesbian rubber wife #16 - and to me! - that she is capable of fulfilling her new marital duties!

2022.12 13 3537d 035

She did her job very well, and as a thank you #16 let it flow in streams - on her new spouse (whereby unfortunately
the beautiful white wedding dress was damaged) - and of course also on me.
I had to be there in my Rubber Order Garb rubber-skin-close, see everything very closely,
strictly check and record that the two rubber-women are actually
able to perform their lesbian rubber marriage !

2022.12 14 15 16 3537d 051 44 43

Do you also want to marry one of my rubber sluts all in rubber?
Don't be shy - all my other rubber sluts #26, #33, #69 and #203 are still unmarried,
are bisexual, and they will be only too happy to marry you in rubber - for one day...

2022.12 17 3537d 057

But (actually I'm not allowed to say this) my #16 is also available for more rubber weddings -
because as soon as it comes to rubber, #16 is anything but faithful...!

2022.12 18 3537d 0592022.12 19 3537d 093

Shortly after her wedding to Marcia, #16 got married again, this time to another rubber groom - and she is not even divorced from Marcia yet...
I guess it's called bigamy, rubber bigamy....
A few photos of this new union are further down on this page!

2022.12 20 3537d 097

Well, anyway! Marcia found out in the meantime, of course, and what can I say? -
she was actually horny that her #16 was rubber-and-urine-cheating with other rubber "women"!!!

2022.12 21 3537d 1032022.12 22 3537d 073

Whereby I must note that your wedding ritual can run quite differently, depending on what you need and what I decide!
Very loving but also very depraved like between Marcia and #16,
or very strict, very bizarre, very dominant, very...!

2022.12 23 3537d 108

In my double function as and as the Lady Superior, the Priestess of the Secret Order of Rubber Women,
I am professionally specialized in the preparation and execution of rubber weddings -
no matter how unusual the inclinations of the bride and groom may be!

2022.12 24 3537d 113
2022.12 25 3537d 129
The legally required medical examination of the bride Marcia carried out by me has bride and groom very much excited...

2022.12 26 3537d 1312022.12 27 3537d 138

...and it came as it had to: even during the ceremony the two rubber lovers fell over each other...

2022.12 28 3537d 152
2022.12 29 3537d 209
...whereby I was of course only too happy to fulfil my extended ceremonial duties and support the two rubber women
to the best of my ability!

2022.12 30 31 3537d 169 147

It then became another dreamy day with rubber and urine, with bondage and unspeakable wedding practices...

2022.12 32 3537d 173

2022.12 33 3537d 180

A N D    H E R E   I S   M Y   R E P O R T   F R O M   # 1 6 's   N E X T   W E D D I N G  !

As already mentioned, shortly after her rubber wedding to Marcia, the faithless and shameless #16 has
got married again - to someone else! Well, where rubber love falls...

RWS 021 3541d 064RWS 022 3541d 022


But first she has her groom W. (we can't mention the name here) on a leash and in chains
(it is clear from the start who will be in charge in this fetish marriage !)
dragged to an expensive shopping trip.
Rings? Oh no! It had to be very special toys for the wedding night from a very special sex shop!

RWS 023 3541d 040RWS 024 3541d 034

Arriving at THE ASYLUM where the wedding ceremony was to take place, the groom was so excited to marry his rubber dream girl
that #16 and I had to put him under sedation therapy.
 RWS 025 3541d 083
But I fear that this therapy was probably the wrong one after all...

RWS 026 3541d 081RWS 027 3541d 091 

...because it excited him even more...

RWS 028 3541d 087

But finally we found the right method, and afterwards the groom was quite relaxed.

RWS 029 3541d 111

After that, the bride and groom had to be dressed for the ceremony.
#16 at her express wish, back into her favourite urinated wedding dress,

RWS 030 3541d 118RWS 031 3541d 125 

...and the groom into a teasing symbolic deco-bondage.
 RWS 032 3541d 128RWS 033 3541d 153
Then things got serious and I began my ceremonial duties by providing the holy water...
RWS 034 3541d 146
...and blessed bride and groom with it.
But #16 could not simply watch, and full of excitement she blessed her spouse herself and very intensively,
in her very own and very direct way!

RWS 035 3541d 160RWS 036 3541d 247
Then it was time for the prescribed medical examinations, in which the future spouses were of course included from the start.

RWS 037 3541d 204
First, with my assistance, the bride had to be intensively examined by her bridegroom, as well as
tested orally and by machine for her arousal capacity, also including an absolutely
necessary breath-reduction therapy.

RWS 038 3541d 208RWS 039 3541d 190
The results were very satisfying (anything else would have surprised me a lot with my #16 !)...
RWS 040 3541d 240
...and if it had only been for #16, her rigorous examination treatment would never have stopped...

RWS 041 3541d 242

But then it was the groom's turn. Of course, already in preparation for his future strict married life
with a joint relentless bondage- , tubing- and filling-treatment,
which showed excellent results to the great joy of his future wife!

RWS 042 3541d 256RWS 043 3541d 291
 Finally, as a reward for the good sub-husband, I, the Reverend Mother, gave him a very special blessing with holy water.
There are no pictures of the further course of the marriage - we had more important things to do than to take photos...
 RWS 044 3541d 293
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