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  Natalia! - some facts about me


Because many have seen me on television and on dvds, on photos and in magazines, again and again people ask me about my past as model and actress, what I have done jobwise before I became a “Rubber Therapist“.

Well, I do not intend to write my biography on this website, that‘s not the right place for it. Maybe sometimes I will make a book about my life. But here‘s a brief outline of my previous life and about me.

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I am born in Germany. I have lived in various German cities, also in Amsterdam, on the Canary Islands and in Hollywood, but since quite a while I have my home in greater Hamburg area on the countryside.

After end of school I made a comprehensive training for becoming a professional make-up artist.
I then freelanced as a make-up artist in the film and photo business.

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First international visage jobs for productions of the famous People Photographer and film-maker Jo Hammar.
At a shooting for a lingerie-fashion-catalogue on the Seychelles among a dozen of top lingerie-models I had a crucial experience, my envy-experience: I saw these stunningly erotic  creatures, and I decided to become like they were, having huge breasts etc. Then, over the years, I did a lot for achieving this goal.
(by the way, sometimes a nearly ascetic life - no smoking, no drugs at all, very little alcohol, no excessive party nights, much sleep, in the past ballet, later then much bodybuilding, today much fitness and close-combat training - and two handful of breast surgeries; somehow I had to get big boobs, nature hadn‘t given me much.)
Well, I didn‘t become a “top model“, with 1.70mtrs I am too small for that, but I managed a nice little career as a model and actress.

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First small model jobs - nude, fashion, advertising, promotion - from various international  clients. But of real interest for me always only were assignments with a “sexual touch“ because that I liked most - jobs for PLAYBOY and PENTHOUSE as cover girl and girl of the month was much more exciting than advertising or music promotion, although partly the clients were big companies and it brought me much money.
Fetish photos of me, created by Jo Hammar, today are exhibited in museums worldwide, from Barcelona to Zurich, from Los Angels to Tokyo, I am his muse in two of his Art Photo Books.

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Then television discovered me. Within a few years, in Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and the U.S. I appeared in more than onehundred talk shows, home stories and galas, U.S. PLAYBOY Television Channel produced a film about me which has been broadcasted and distributed on a global level.

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This led to numerous small rolls in television feature films, especially in Germany but also elsewhere. Suddenly I found myself in crime series and reports, in feature programmes and late night shows. Suddenly I had to do with names like the Hollywood actor and director Klaus-Maria Brandauer, the German icon Ottfried Fischer or the director Otto Retzer. Through Jo Hammar‘s contacts, in Hollywood I got fascinating (but not only positive ones) insights into the film and television business. Tomi Ungerer used me as model for one of his pictures, I met people like Luciano Pavarotti and Richard Branson, had small talks with Mikhail Gorbatschov und Pamela Anderson (we had a marvellous time together, we liked each other right away).

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As actress and model I have travelled the world which made me gain much life experience and knowledge of human nature - insights which today are of invaluable worth for me.

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But this was the “first part“ of my life. Today this previous life of mine only plays a minor role for me, tody I am living the “second part“.

My deep inclination for rubber and rubber fetish has developed over the years, although it started early with model jobs for rubber fetish photos and videos for Jo Hammar and others, by the way there were also many rubber appearances in many television productions. I then learned soon that this topic interested me also privately very much.
For more information, see "Natalia" - My Rubber Life"

Somewhen in the course of the years I realized that it was true that, on the one hand, my life as model and actress was quite exciting and that it definitely appealed to me, but on the other hand the topic “rubber fetish“ interested and satisfied me much much more. I then decided to turn my my  real passion, inclination for rubber fetish into my profession. I believe this is the ultimate way of life if one can make it possible.

Today I am a professional “Rubber Dominatrix“, although, strictly speaking, this word isn‘t very accurate. I am Rubber Doctress and Rubber Therapist, Rubber Nun and Rubber Mistress, Rubber Governess and Rubber Exhibitionist... And for some, I am also the Rubber Goddess.

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Deliberately I am handling this profession very frank. I am acting under my real name, I show my face on my website, I appear dressed in rubber wear on galas and media events, I show myself rubberized in television, I stick publicy to my profession - I make no secret of my life. I am proud of it.
Part of this frankness also is that I have named my website "“. Because I stand to this honourable “oldest profession in the world“, and I have lots of fun doing it!

My nowadays profession is - in opposite to acting and modeling - useful. It inspires me much to know that my rubber patients - by the way, they are not only male; an astonishingly great part of them is female, and couples - are feeling deeply understood by me. I have the possibility to fulfill my guests‘ rubber dreams which they often kept with them over many years. To realize things together with them of which others only can dream a life long. In this respect I see my profession involving a serious therapeutic effect: I make people happy.
My guests are not only coming from Germany or Europe; rather they are travelling from all five continents for seeing me. That shows me that I am right with what I am doing, and that I am satisfying a need that exists on a global level.

Luckily, in the last years a lot of things have changed in the world - unfortunately, undoubtedly many has turned to the worse, for example I am thinking of the social and political development in the U.S., and also the domestic policy in Germany makes me worry - but many things have widely improved, also for my profession:
In Germany in 2002 the Prostitution Law came into force which for the first time in history legalized this profession - a model of liberalization and legal standardization for the world.
Despite of all its failings the internet has brought together groups of people from all over the world sharing common interests - you would not read this article now if there were no internet.
Travelling never has been that cheap and easy like today - my guests from all over the world do appreciate it.
Meanwhile also many women are realizing her sexual inclinations unrestrained. Women can be so much more shamelessly then men... :-)

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How am I.
I am absolutely loyal to people who really deserve it (and I am expecting the same).
I am very impatient with people who are bewailing their life but who are not willing to take it into their own hands.
I am dominant, but at the same time also very cheerful and often fooling around.
I am trusting but sceptically - the one by nature, the other by life experience.
I despise habitual liers and corruption.
I valuable true friends of which there are only a very few.
I have many manual skills and very practical hands.
I love the undestroyed nature - on my huge manor I have facilitated an untouched biotope, with deers and foxes, snakes and amphibians, with countless birds, rare insects and butterflies which are unfortunately more and more getting scarcely.
I love autumn and winter, storms and snow. I love countries like Greenland and Antarctica (in Hollywood and on the Canary Islands I never felt really being at home: too hot!)
I have two Rottweilers, Caesar und Cleopatra. And I love cats, Maine Coons, huge North American forest cats, wild weatherproof predators. Inaccessible and lovingly, wild and tender, self-confident but communicative, obstinate but sensible.
They are like me.

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Finally - a blonde‘s joke out of Natalia!s life...
To a fetish event I came dressed in a really stunning and unique rubber outfit. And I was there exactly on time. And, as promised, with me I brought my also fantastically rubberized favourite rubber maid. And...
The hostess was very enthusiastic and told me she would wish that all of her guests would be that crazily rubberized and so reliable and some more sweet little lies...
Quite embarrassed and a bit lost for words I intended to answer something like “Yes, you can take me as a model“ (in German: “Ja, ich bin ein gutes Vorbild !"), or, “Yes, I am a good example“ (in German: “Ja, ich bin ein gutes Beispiel !").
As Freudian slip of a blonde with huge tits I came out with: “Yes, I am a good foreplay!“ (in German: “Ja, ich bin ein gutes Vorspiel !"  Ouch!
But, the hostess, very cool and charming, with a lascivious grin, and that loud that all people standing round about heard it “Oh, thanks for the hint. Do you have an hour to spare a bit later?“



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