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 Rubber Women

2020.02 13 3083d 099

It is not seldom that I am asked by guests for whom the rubber fetish is the purpose of life, astonished, admiring or even desperately,
how I get my "rubber sluts", the women I do my rubber sessions with.

Many a person has spent half his life trying in vain to find a woman who, like him, is addicted to the rubber fetish and who is interested in
living a life together in which "Rubber" is a significant focus of common sexual interest.
And (almost) everyone has had the experience that it is (almost) impossible to find such a woman for life.

2020.02 14 176 3309d 22

Now, what does that mean? Only men like rubber? There are no women who are really, genuinly and truly into rubber ?
For whom rubber is a must during sex and often in daily life?

No, it's not like that. It's not just men who like it, and yet, yes, there are, the "real" rubber women.
But while the number of men who have internalized the rubber fetish can certainly be measured with a two-digit percentage,
for women, it is rather per mille, if not ppm (parts per million... :-(

2020.02 15 3089d 25 03

Of course, it's not that rare to find women who "go along" with this. But this is to be taken literally.
Just participating - the fashion, the trend, for the sake of the boyfriend or husband... and when the trend or the man is gone, the tendency to fetish is gone.
But really being into it, that's something completely different.

Well, how do I get to know such women again and again, when many men spend their lives searching in vain?
It's simple: they apply to me. After all, I have a certain reputation, and a website that more than illustrates this.

2020.02 16 3182d 169

Of course there must be some basic requirements for a woman to apply for being a rubber slut with me.
Of course the inclination to the rubber fetish,
and also a positive attitude towards prostitution. Because that's all we're talking about here, we're prostitutes.

And there the crucial difference to the private search for a fetish companion becomes visible:
these women are not looking for a man for life !
They are interested in rubber sex, in changing sex partners in rubber, and of course also in the fee that is earned.

For a woman who - openly, or so far only secretly - is "into it", and who has no problem being a prostitute,
the part-time "rubber slut" job
is the paradise.

2020.02 17 3245d 093

But as far as I am concerned, these are only the absolute basic requirements for the time being.
When a woman applies to me, I conduct extensive interviews and an equally extensive casting.
Among other things I clarify

- is she at least 21 years old.
Although in Germany women are allowed to be prostitutes from the age of 18,
but I mean, at 21 there is a little more maturity and responsible attitude towards oneself.

- does she have a work permit for Germany.
And is she willing to register as a prostitute with the authorities, and of course to pay taxes.
Is she willing to comply with the rather strict and extensive regulations of the "Prostitutes Protection Act",
which regulates the profession of prostitutes in Germany.
All this is an indispensable duty.

- does she have a middle-class background.
Women with a main occupation are preferred,
she should consider the occasional appointments with my guests and myself just a pleasant side job.
I can't use full-time prostitutes who have already been through all the whorehouses and studios,
they often have the wrong attitude towards this profession.

- Does she have a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife?
Does this person agree ?
Because I really don't need that kind of relationship stress.

- do I have the impression that the woman is correct and honest?
Is she discreet?
In the red light milieu there is a lot of cheating, from credit card fraud to blackmailing, and that is impossible with me.

- does she really want to do the job as a "rubber slut"?
And above all, does she really want to do it voluntarily?
Or is the main reason for the job a lack of money, or drugs, or a pimp ?
None of these are options for me.

- does she have a pretty face, a beautiful body and beautiful breasts ?
Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the range of "beauty" is enormous.
But it must be erotic.
Be it like #6, who has a slim, almost dainty body with (still :-) small breasts,
be it the tall and very slim surgical nurse #26 with a bosom cup C-D,
be it #7 with a voluptuously rounded body and abnormally large breasts cup L,
be it #203, former bra model, very tall and slim with an even bigger bust cup M...
Each has her own eroticism.
Some guests like rather "normal" women in rubber,
and others can't get enough of the oversized breasts of #7 and #203.

- is she not straight, not lesbian, but really bisexual?
This is not unimportant, because many guests like to see two women doing it in rubber...
And that must be real, fake and show don't go down well.

- is she open to fetish sexual practices ?
Not every woman is into "everything", but the true inclination for fetish sex must be there

- Does she speak German ? A must.
Does she speak English ? Maybe not a must, but since the majority of my guests come from abroad and do not speak German,
that would be very appropriate.

2020.02 18 3181d 189

Well, and many other things.
And if everything works out, we can do rubber sessions together.

All this is miles away from Parship or Tinder, isn't it ?
As I said, that women apply to me to become a "rubber slut" is not the same as a rubber woman looking for a rubber man for life.

2020.02 19 3351d 076

And what about the specialized online contact markets for fetishists ?

I don't know if you can really find real fetish women through them. But I know that there are many fake or problem profiles to be found.

By the way, I also write a lot about the topic "rubber women" in my book "special services", see below.

2020.02 20 3218d 90