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My stand at the VENUS Fair Berlin in October 2019

         ”Meet & Greet with Natalia! and her Rubber Sluts” at the world-largest erotic fair -
          the VENUS 2019 in Berlin - a great success!

                                                                                    •                                                                                                                   PICTURE GALLERY BELOW    ⬇︎

          For four days hell broke loose at my stand!

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2019.11 013 3415d 202
2019.11 014 3415d 282

My sincere thanks 

2019.11 006 3415d 030

- to my rubber sluts #7, #26 and #203 and my future rubber slut #6,
        who were fully rubberized with great lust and pleasure over 4 days from morning till night 
and who have entertained countless visitors at my stand 
with lesbian shows on a gyn chair!

2019.11 007 3415d 386

- to Rene, my prudent and experienced organizer, roadie and problem solver,
         my indispensable "Best Boy", who, with his energetic support,
         made my fair stand possible in the first place

2019.11 008 3415d 381

- to Sammi, my assertive and attractive stand manager who was responsible for supervising my booth, 
directing the staging of our little shows 
and ensuring order among the photographing and filming crowds of visitors

2019.11 009 3415d 051

Without the tireless help of Rene and Sammi this success would not have been possible.

2019.11 010 3415d 762 02

- to Jo Hammar, co-writer of my book ”Besondere Dienstleistungen”, 
co-planner of my fair presence, and photographer at my stand -
who, although he's had a serious accident and is currently on crutches,
 did not let himself be deprived of being present on all four days of the fair, 
and despite of his 73 years and broken bones he scrambled around in an irresponsible 
manner on ladders to take photos of my stand :-)

2019.11 011 3415d 867

Four days of hard work from morning till night, but we also had a lot of fun!

2019.11 012 3415d 615

- to the many extremely interested bloggers, journalists, reporters, cameramen and more,
who had come to us for interviews and recordings

2019.11 015 3415d 715

- to my guests and fans and to the crowds of fair visitors who had travelled to the  VENUS to meet us,
to chat with us, who had countless questions to Sammi and me about my "rubber service",
who were interested in my rubber sluts and me, queuing in long lines,
to see and photograph and film the performances of the rubber sluts,
and who very enthusiasticly took selfies with us rubber women!

Many visitors wrote to me afterwards, unfortunately they had no opportunity to go to Berlin,
for meeting me,
or, they were on the VENUS, but they couldn't get to me because my stand was so crowded.

Therefore here for all a large picture gallery with many snapshots, an impression of four horny rubber days !

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