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  My RUBCAM Sessions "heavy"  -  my Online Rubber Sessions !

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In addition to my RUBBER SESSIONS
- which are personal rubber meetings with me and my rubber sluts -

I also offer WebCam-Sessions
- which are rubber sessions that take place ONLINE ! -


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The ultimate alternative

My RUBCAM SESSION is the ultimate alternative for all those,
who lack the time or opportunity to visit me and my rubber sluts in person !

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My RUBCAM SESSIONS are not just the usual webcam performances.
 My RUBCAM SESSIONS are also not just "remote education" or similar.
Rather, they are regular RUBBER SESSIONS with you,
only you're not there in person, but on the monitor.


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Anywhere in the world! All you need is a computer, a webcam, a good internet connection, and an undisturbed place for yourself...

The place where the RUBCAM SESSION takes place is a rubber studio set up just for this purpose,

a unique rubber clinic of a very special kind!

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Possible are:

- RUBCAM appointments with just me

- lesbian with me and one of my rubber sluts

COMING SOON: or also together with a fully rubberised "Real Doll" silicone sex doll !

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Our virtual rubber date will be completely according to your wishes. 
It's actually a rubber session.
For example...

- You watch me having fun with myself

- You see me and my rubber slut doing rubber lesbian practices

- You watch the "treatment" of the perfect sub, the "Real Doll"
(only shortly)

- Your strict remote education in rubber

- or a combination of everything!

Like in a live session, rubber practices are performed by me and the rubber slut in front of the camera.
You can see everything in sharp detail and in large format (Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second),
and, as far as possible and desired by you, you will also be fully involved!

You watch breathtaking rubber women perform the most perverted practices, which you have previously requested by e-mail
and which have been agreed with you.

You can also express further wishes in the meantime, we will talk to you (or educate you strictly!).

You can - if you want, but it's not a must - wear rubber outfits and perform rubber practices on yourself,
and we rubber women will watch you on our big monitor and give you instructions,
while we do it with each other !

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Your RUBCAM appointment is an individual online rubber session ONLY WITH YOU! 

It is NOT an event with several participants!
 ONLY YOU see us on our online date!

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The RUBCAM SESSION is not simply recorded by a static webcam.
Rather, like a real film production, depending on availability
- either filmed by a beautiful professional camerawoman
- or my rubber slut and I film each other!

With iPhone on electronic SteadyCam, Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 px at 30 fps).
From long shots to cropped shots to close-ups where you can see even the smallest details!

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No programme download required, no third-party server, secure connection, easy handling.

I send via a fast broadband connection with at least approx. 25 Mbps, often up to 50 Mbps (megabits per second),
as well as with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 30 frames (frames/second).
This guarantees very good transmission and picture quality.

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Your technical requirements

You need a fibre-optic or at least a good DSL connection (copper cable) on your side,
with a more or less continuously guaranteed bandwidth of about / at least 6 Mbps (megabits per second).

A higher bandwidth is desirable! Anything significantly below this is NOT suitable!
This would lead to poor picture quality or even transmission failures or interruptions.
W-LAN connections are therefore not suitable in every case.

In addition, a good monitor with high resolution (conducting a RUBCAM session via your smartphone is possible but not really enjoyable!)
as well as a good webcam (the camera built into the DeskTop, LapTop or Tablet is usually of poor quality)

and of course a microphone, which is almost always built in.

More about the technique (don't worry, it's really simple) in my RUBCAM INFO "heavy"

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Other requirements for you

You should, no, you must have a room at the time of our appointment in which your monitor and your webcam, including a good internet connection,
are located, where you are sure that no one will hear, disturb or visit you during our RUBCAM session!

You can also be rubberized during our RUBCAM SESSION and perform practices on yourself
- in which case we will be happy to guide you more or less strictly ! -
but that is not a condition.

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With me alone:  

Your RUBCAM appointment with me will be coordinated between you and me according to your and my schedule.

With me and one of my rubber sluts:
The possible dates for the coming months will always be announced on my portal page "Latest News"

The WebCam location is available to me at any time.

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You are allowed to record our RUBCAM SESSION and save it for your own private use!!
So you have an awesome rubber film for yourself - that is included in the fee.

More on this in my RUBCAM INFO "heavy".

You will have to find out for yourself how a streaming recording can be made on your computer.

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For everything else

also for technical information (it is quite uncomplicated !),

for the fees, and for your appointments

request my RUBCAM INFO "heavy" by e-mail!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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